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  1. J

    A 240 year old doll that can write

    Look up the movie called "Hugo", there is an automaton featured in it. Good movie, I think it won some awards.
  2. J

    Tiny Inline 4 by designed by Burleigh Machine

    Haha, someone else with numbers written all over their vise!!!:D Nice start on the engine
  3. J

    Hello from a Kiwi girl.

    Hi Annie, welcome once again from Canada! I think you might find these sites interesting- Paul Brodie became very well known building "Brodie" bicycles, but now is into a variety of things like vintage bicycles and motorcycles. These are not models but full scale, working replicas. He recently...
  4. J

    Small V8

    Mosey, you could also consider using a pliable material such as soft rubber in place of the "half hole". Makes the tooling much simpler and it is "one size fits all". We have done this at work many times when the depth of the bend is not too deep. I think the rubber we use is old conveyor...
  5. J

    Two Cylinder Stationary Steam Engine

    I was thinking that "ALE" was what you rewarded yourself with for a job well done :big: For this post you deserve an ale Ralph!
  6. J

    Shay Locomotive

    You had me at Shay! I will be watching with keen interest...
  7. J

    It's not like I've never soldered before....

    I tend to agree with Ned; "glowing" jumped out at me too! A slow application of heat to the heavy part to the point where the solder flows and no more should do the trick.
  8. J

    Boiler Build For American LaFrance Engine

    Thanks Larry for the pictures and description :)
  9. J

    Boiler Build For American LaFrance Engine

    Would someone mind describing what a tube roller is and how it works? Thanks
  10. J

    Blue Clock Spring Steel - source

    Never mind how much you expect to buy, how much do you want to buy? Jeff
  11. J

    1943 Baldwin Narrow Gauge 2-8-2 1:20.3 Scale

    I like where this build is going! You might find some interest in the fact that the company I work for built driver springs for the Dollywood loci in 2006. The drawings I made are for a 1943 Baldwin N gauge. Not only that, but just this morning we shipped a job (4 leaf springs) to the White...
  12. J

    American Precision Museum

    Too cool! Thanks for sharing the photos. Gunstock copy lathe? Who would've thought!
  13. J

    Whittle Aero V8 WIP

    The photo with the pliers put this project back into perspective for me :bow: Nicely done!
  14. J

    reluctant to silver solder

    I had a feeling that was the engine you were refering to ;) I have been building one for a while now and posting my progress here: :hDe: does this link work ??? Some of my pictures show my silver soldering results at various...
  15. J

    reluctant to silver solder

    I agree with what the others have said; and I actually prefer silver to soft solder! By the way, do you care to share any details of the V-4?
  16. J

    sherline mill

    I don't have any first hand experience with the Sherline mill (I have a Taig lathe), but remember to leave some room in your budget for accessories!
  17. J

    Goin' Crackers.

    Brilliant, Vernon. What a great thread :bow:
  18. J

    Hello From Abbotsford, British Columbia

    Welcome neighbor :) This really is a cool place to hang out ;D
  19. J

    Hit me - Miss me?

    Fair enough Bob. I think it would be safe to assume that your lump of steel has virtualy no internal stresses within it. The same could not be said of a typical piece of cold rolled or to a lesser extent hot rolled flat bar. Removing material as you have done from a cold worked bar could cause...
  20. J

    Hit me - Miss me?

    Nice progress Bob Thm: Just curious, when you milled out all that excess material from the crank, did you notice any distortion in the blank? I don't recall what the material is or if you normalized (annealed) it at any point ???