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    What engine is this?

    Thank you !!!
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    What engine is this?

    Does anyone know this engine, I bought it at an estate and would like to get plans for it. Pat Wicker
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    Canadianhorsepower's build of Rupnow engine

    Thanks Luc, I understand. I always used telescoping gauges and have not run across a bore gauge. Pat W
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    Canadianhorsepower's build of Rupnow engine

    So now I have to ask, how does a dial bore gauge work? Pat W
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    Economy Hit and Miss Model Engine.

    Now that is the way a hit-and-miss should run! Nice engine! Pat W
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    Disabling the Sidebar

    The issue is not which side the bar is on, it's about having the same functionality of the old bar. Primarily, it will gray out the entry once you have read it and when you select an entry it will take you to the first unread entry. It would also be nice if the list were longer.
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    My very first Webster Petrol IC Engine

    I learned a long time ago to tell wifey the opposite of what I really want.
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    Antique Powerland Photos

    You are right Dave, Larry Derry designed the transmission and him and I did the castings.
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    Shop Built Diamond tool bit holder

    Nice. I have a set I bought for the mini-lathe now I can make a set for the 9x20. Is the 11-12 degrees very critical? I assume you have to make sure the bit is sharpened to the same angle whatever it is.
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    Search for a Laptop

    Thanks Ian, that confirms what I thought. I also agree about platter failure. They are rare and almost always show up on power up.
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    Search for a Laptop

    Ian, I had the same reaction 1T RAM!!! WOW! :o Then I checked the link and saw it was 1T HD. :cool: Hey Ian, any experience with solid state drives? Are they ready for prime time yet?
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    Electronic Dividing Head using the Arduino

    Being a professional software engineer I have learned more programming languages then I can count, several of them not even in use anymore. Almost all of them I learned through self-study. I agree with Ron the quickest way to start is to read other people's code and figure out what they did...
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    Head Counterweight

    JW you are right I took a too simplistic approach. He should consider the other factors especially if the backlash tends to get worse over time.
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    Sound off: new home page

    I really preferred the list on the left and was going to request that it be made longer. One of the features I liked was an entry would gray out after I read it until a new posting was made. This Newest Threads list doesn't do anything for me. The other thing I really liked about the list on...
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    Disabling the Sidebar

    Sorry, but this new right side bar sucks. I want the Recent Posts back! It was useful for catching up my reading and it grayed out after I had read a message. This Newest Threads does nothing for me.
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    Head Counterweight

    The counter weight just takes a load off of the z axis motor so it is not all that critical. The backlash is coming from the ball screw nut. You can repack the ball screw with larger balls to help take care of that. Here is a video on repacking the ballnuts
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    Jim builds his second v-8

    Sorry for you loss, Jim. Why does it always have to happen in public???
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    Quick and dirty wood lathe

    Nice lathe especially for turning pens. I also like your avatar. I was assigned to SAC HQ when they converted it to StratCOM
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    Own Design hit & Miss engine

    Are the purple parts anodized?
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    Shellac Mandrels and Chucks.

    Where can you get that type of shellac?