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    First lathe is home

    Hi Greg A lathe in the house is like having a baby (i have 4 — lathes, not babies). Maybe my metaphore is not quite successful, but Im sure you will get a lot of pleasure of it. Regarding selling tools dont if you can. Im still buying them though am an abused 75 old and receive the...
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    made my first machinist clamps

    Thanks a lot for fast response and tolerance. George
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    made my first machinist clamps

    And a last one! What is the developer mentioned? Does it come from etcho or you buy it somewhere. Thanks a lot George
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    B.J. Cicada build

    Hi wero, There is one point left i.e the developer.... Any idea Thanks in advance George
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    made my first machinist clamps

    Hi paul, thenks for kind respone. I was socarried away by the etching info that i forgot to thank you. George
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    made my first machinist clamps

    Have really illuminated the darkness in my 74years old heart. Thank a lot, George
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    made my first machinist clamps

    Very nice work indeed. Howevsr, what was even more impresssive was the etching. I will be more than obliged if you share the secret with me. Thanks, george
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    Chinese collet sets

    Thank you all for kind and informative response. My best wishes for a machinist s new year, George
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    Chinese collet sets

    I have found in the Chinese market complete sets of collets ER 11 and ER16 for about $25 and collet holders for $16. The runout they claim is that of the German DINm but is it so? Does anybody have experience on the subject? Grasp the oppportunity to wish all a happy New Year... George
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    Emco Unimat 3 Christmas Came Early

    Hi Donald, It's really a very good machine and I am sure you will enjoy it a lot (regardless of the really cheap price - I have paid more only for 2 sets of belts). I wish you a happy new year and I trust all will be fine with your health. Best wishes from Greece, George
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    Making Rivets

    Miniature rivets at very inviting price and reasonable shipping cost have being bought at following George
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    Making lathe from scratch and using mild steel plate? Why use cast iron?

    Dear Peter, am afraid that Steamer is right in general terms without going into the specifics, i.e. the make of the main shaft housing, the necessary special conical prestressed bearings,the lining up of it relative to the prism or whatever short of ways you would decide to make, the many lathe...
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    Small nuts and fat fingers

    The following company offers spcket wrenches from M1 up. George
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    Machining Wood?

    Hi trout, you have had so many answers from people obviously knowing about such things. When I was working on some wooden parts many years ago without the Web and all these kind ready to help people, I worked the wood in the usual like metal way taking good care of the hardness and grain. George
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    BA Hex bolts - nuts lower prices.

    Hi Thomas, I am located in Patras. My modelling activoties are more or less limited in the make of miniature firearms. My present project is a 1/10 scale Flak 88. Nice meeting another Greek, George
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    BA Hex bolts - nuts lower prices.

    Thanks all for kind respose. Question has been answered satisfactorily though I shall not point to one way or the other. George.
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    BA Hex bolts - nuts lower prices.

    Am in need of BA 10 and 12 bolts and nuts. Have looked up the price list of my appointed supplier and foun out that prices are almost doubled in the last 2 years. Any info regarding a low (well, lower than others) price supplier will be greatly appreciated. George from a hot Greece
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    Happy new year

    Best wishes from Greece, George.
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    CAD 14 request for help

    Hi people and thanks all for your contribution. However, since I understand that the trouble is more than the result is worth, have decided to bypass the problem and live with it. Seems that the easiest way would be to use colours for various blocks to make reading faster and easier. Anyway...
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    CAD 14 request for help

    Yes John, exactly. To rephrase the question in case my mediocre use of language did not convey my request, imagine a block of a square and a circle. The question is how can I partly cover either block by the other so that only the top part is completely visible whereas the partly covered is...
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