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    Bica Top 10 Digital Readout monitor aka Baker... help needed

    Well I finally get to go back into the workshop this morning after a while out and My Bica DRO monitor as they call it) has developed a won't work! I switched it on and got lots of rubbish in the readouts, so switched it on and off several times until it came up with some semblance of...
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    New member cannot access site...Please Help

    I have a new member that followed a link from my site to the forum. He is having difficulties and emailed me because of access problems. I have cut and pasted part of his email below. Ca anyone help him? I am quite happy if you wish to email him direct. Mike. "After following the V8 build as...
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    Urgent advice re site safety of HMEM

    URGENT ADVICE: I have taken a chance against advice from Google to post his information: Below is a direct cut and past. Has anyone else got this response? Is it safe to visit? =============================================================================== Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for...
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    How to cut High Tensile (UK) steel bar (7" long and 1.5" diameter)in half.

    I am stuck!!! I have a 7" long by 1.5" diameter HT steel bar that I need to saw in half for two crankshaft blanks for the Seal project I am building. I tapped one end to fit two 'ears' of steel so I could hold it and have tried carbide tipped saw, band saw and now a 4" diameter slitting saw...
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    Power feed for Milling Machine using 12v VW windscreen motor

    Well I have at last managed to get into the workshop again and am in the middle of making a power feed (to my own design) for my RF25 milling machine, bought from Axminster tools some years ago. I will be writing up the design including drawings, when I finally complete it. The only work that...
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    Anyone experience of the book "Machine Shop Trade Secrets"

    Has anyone here bought or know of the book "Machine Shop Trade Secrets" by James A Harvey? MM
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    Cast Iron / stainless steel - what would you use for cylinders?

    I have a separate post running on my building a pair of Seal engines (Edgar T Westbury design 15cc 4 cylinder petrol engines) and have gotten to the stage where next week hopefully, I will make the cylinders. Now I am tempted to go two different routes. One set of 4 cylinders in Cast Iron and...
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    Christmas gifts and learning how to hand turn!

    Couldn't see a slot for this post really since its not to do with engines, although prompted by my two wobbler's as Christmas presents last year. I wanted to make something in the workshop that I could give to more members of my 'own' section of the Freeman family. Looking through the Axminster...
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    Supplier wanted of Involute gear cutters in the UK

    Hello all. I have been asked to do a little job for someone who wants a couple of gears making. However I am having a problem finding a supplier of an involute gear cutter 0.75 module and 15 teeth or 34DP 15 teeth. The only ones I have found so far are really silly prices and the usual...
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    Is a USB Microscope useful in the workshop? I try one out.

    I saw the USB microscope on the UK Maplin site for just under £50 (have since seen one on eBay for around £23)and it seemed worth buying to see if it had a use in the workshop. When it arrived I was very impressed with its performance and ease of use. It has the facility to make videos as well...
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    Carbide toothed saw and diamond wheel tool centre - new project

    I am not sure if this is the right heading for this new tool build but I suppose I am modifying the electric motor......forgive me if the subject area is wrong........ Carbide tipped saws have been recommended for metal work in the past, especially when they are slitting saw size. In the UK I...
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    What tolerance should you accept for a bought ER25 collet chuck?

    Since refurbishing my Myford ML7 I have learnt not to trust tooling and now measure everything (including finding the toolpost on my nearly new tailstock out of true) so when a new ER25 collet chuck from a well know UK tool supplier I tested it for running true with a stainless steel bar in the...
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    New workshop aid made in 2 sessions.

    When I sold my Myford ML10 recently the purchaser didn’t want the home made stand that was built for it to stand on. So it sat in the garage part of my little empire being of no use. When scanning through a tools catalogue recently I saw a stand that had an angled top for use in warehouses. It...
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    Tool setting fixture for an inline boring bar.

    As part of my Seal engine build I need to inline bore the cylinder block. Whilst making the boring bar is relatively simple, setting the tool in clear increments of adjustment after each cut seemed a little more complicated. I needed a method of moving the tip of the cutting tool in steps that...
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    How to cut round bar into slices along its length

    Hello all. I have some very expensive special steel for making a crankshaft for my Seal 15cc Westbury engine build. The size I have means that if I can slice it I can have enough left over for another and it seems a shame to just mill it away. It is two long to use my bandsaw and if I use a...
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    Myford ML7 refurbisment and upgrade

    I have at last started on the refurbishment of my speculative purchase of a Myford ML7 lathe on eBay last February. With the recent sale of my Myford ML10 I had the space for the lathe to go into and the funds to carry out the refurbishment and upgrade. My intention is to have a Myford with...
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    Selling my Myford ML10 lathe (UK)

    Just to let you know I am selling (UK) my Myford ML10 on eBay. Or at least attempting to....... the link is...
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    "Old gade hit n miss castings on eBay 8 days left

    Hello, not really for me but I have just seen these on eBay in case any one is interested. Mike
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    Edgar T Westbury's 15cc Petrol 4 cylinder engine - it could be a long post!

    Today I started on the building of a 15cc, 4cylinder, petrol engine from a design by Edgar T Westbury. I won't say the design is old but the construction article was published in the British magazine, Model Engineer. In fact it was over 62 years ago! Having said that, it is a well known design...
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    Merry Christmas and holidays to al HMEM readers

    My last post of the night! Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas or holiday to all HMEM readers. I hope you all have a safe and happy time. Best wishes, Metal Mickey.