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    Free HSS Lathe Tool Bits

    Like the title says. Free to anyone that can use them. I have 3 pieces of 1/2" bits, all about 3-4 inches long. All have been ground and/or broken off at some point, but there is plenty of usable bit left. Also, 8 or 9 of 1/4" bits. Same deal, they've been used, but still have plenty of life...
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    SOLD: HF micro mill/drill

    SOLD! This is the micro, one step below the mini. No longer made, but LMS still sells parts. MT2 spindle taper. Takes up to 1/2" mills or 3/8" drills. 50-2000 RPM. Uses standard houshold current. Includes the mill, manual, and wrenches it originally came with. Has a holddown/clamp set that has...
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    New Grizzly Mini Mill

    Since the miocro mill died, I've been going stir crazy. Well, this morning the check from the sale of my company stock came in, and it's quite a chunk of change. We are now officially completely debt free, and the retirement fund has increased a substantial ammount. In light of that, the wife...
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    Mill is DOA

    Well, the HF micro mill decided it was time to quit. Right in the middle of a project, no less. Thing just stopped. Fault light came on, so I shut power off, turned it back on. Halfway through the cut, same thing. I was able to complete the operation by clicking off and on about 40 times to make...
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    Poppin cam

    Anyone who made this care to explain how you did it? I cant see a good way without resorting to layong out and trying to cut right to the lines. I'm sure I'm missing something.
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    Gil-built bandsaw

    For sale or trade. 11" Gil-bilt kit bandsaw. Formica top with miter slot. Tilts 45 degrees. Not looking to get much, I just want it out of my basement, so $30 or make an offer. Will take tools in trade. Has a fine metal cutting blade on it, but also has a medium wood blade. New blades available...
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    Nice surprise

    Recently, I answered an ad on Craigslist asking for lathe work. Since it was delrin, the customer supplied the material, and it was a simple turning job, I refused payment. I asked him (former machinist) if he had any tooling or set-up stuff he wanted to sell to contact me, and we'd make a deal...
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    Harbor Freight Bandsaw

    Central Machinery brand horizontal/vertical bandsaw. No vertical table. Works well. Newer blade. Try before you buy! No shipping, it's too big and bulky. I will, however, deliver within 25+ miles or so. Located in Rochester, NY. $100 or best offer.
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    Steam oil questions

    I searched, but not a lot of info has come up, since most of us run our engines on air. I just purchased (from fleabay) one of those Jensen/Mamod type steam engine toys. One of the ones with the little boiler, incorporating a safety valve and a whistle connected to a single acting cylinder, all...
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    Harbor Freight Bandsaw

    Like the title says. I fell into a deal where I got 2, and I only need one. Naturally, this is way too heavy to ship for a reasonable price, so local pickup only. There is a choice of 2 different but similar saws, one green, one red. If you've read anything about these, you know the stands...
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    WTB: Mini or Midi wood lathe

    Looking for a small wood lathe to continue my pen making hobby. Looking for a smaller lathe, as space is tight. Email me or PM with any offers. Thanks!
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    Make 'em growl?

    I was watching various steam/air/IC engine videos on the web last night. Found a bunch of familiar names and engines along the way. Anyway, I was looking for engines that have a particular sound to them. The Liney Halo demo video was one example. Those engines, that when throttled up sound like...
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    Cheap, DIY 3D printer

    From a small (three man) company, for only $750. $950 for the deluxe kit, which is still insanely inexpensive. Most of the other desktop models sell in the $10k range and up. Not the best resolution, but it's still pretty neat that these guys have come up with something in the reach of most...
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    Cutting thin sheet

    I have some brass shim stock, .030 thick. It's half-hard, if that makes a difference. I want to make a thin cover from it. It is just thick enough that cutting with a straight edge and utility knife is a chore, and leaves less than perfect edges. One slip, and the part is ruined. I'd like to...
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    Plastic Finger Engine

    Well, I finally finished one. Actually, I did it the weekend of the 4th, but the camera has been busted, so no pics until now. The camera has been fixed (loose wire), and I'm back in the pic business. The majority of the engine is P.V.C. Why? you ask. Well, it's simple: PVC is free as scraps...
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    My Rocker - first runner

    Inspired by the thread Stew posted, I decided to try making one of Elmer's rocking piston engines. As usual, I just couldn't leave good enough alone, and made some of my own changes. The most obvious one was to bore the cylinder through, and add an end cap like Mklotz of HMEM did. The cap is...
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    final polish

    Well, I'm nearing completion on my first engine. So, I've been working hard at getting it looking nice. Sanding with ever finer grits (down to 1000), and then off to the buffing wheel. I start with tripoli compound on a spiral sewn wheel, and move to white polishing compound (sticks, not sure...
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    Another nomination for EotM (Jan 09)

    Not to take anything from Maryak and his engine (a fine project, and an excellent writeup), but I thought I'd toss out another nominee. Not an engine, but the boiler project firebird made, and his step by step documentation. He tried some neat things (pressing the end caps) that I would...
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    First time success

    Okay, so it probably isn't much, considering some of the phenomenal work I've seen here. But, it was my first time creating a single point thread, and it came out nice. I've never threaded on the lathe before, always resorting to dies. I don't have one for this size (4-40), so in order to keep...
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    To plan, or just to fit?

    I'm curious as to how the more prolific engine makers make their parts. When making individual pieces, whether following a set of plans or just making an engine you saw in your own way, do you make parts strictly to plan, or just to work? Say an engine has a part 2.5 inches long. Do you make...