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    Which is "GREENER"

    That's the question. Which of these, the one with the four wheels or the one with the eight wheels, is GREENER? Eight Wheeler or Four Wheeler Good luck on your test. You have till 4:00PM Eastern standard time to answer the question. Bernd
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    Green Steam Engine ™

    Hey Tin you want to send this guy a note about what's he's using. Near the bottom of the web page. Just thought I'd let you know. Bernd
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    Oil Spill Clean Uo in the Gulf

    Could this be the simple answer to the oil spill in the Gulf. Some good old boy ingenuity. What do think? Bernd
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    Shop Cats

    Since Gail started a dog thread and he suggested a cat thread. I figured I start with my boss and post a couple of pics. This is Miss Boots. A stray that came by the mobile home we lived in over 10 years ago. She won't leave so I figured I put her to work catching mice at the house I was...
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    Boston Gears

    I've looked in all the right places, including Boston Gear web site. You need to sign up to get in. I have a feeling it's to keep hobbyist out since they ask a lot of questions pertaining to a workplace. Were can one purchase Boston Gears? I've got the part number so finding them would be easy...
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    8 Cylinder Steam Locomotive

    If your into live steam, the kind that runs on rails, check out this 8 cylinder steamer at: Bernd
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    Lothar Matrian steam engine

    I just picked this off Russ Keplar's Enginerring list. All I can say is wow. And it's built with out CNC. Talk about craftsmanship. Unfortunatley the site is in German, but has many pictures of maching procedures that one can learn from...
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    Searching for a model maker

    The subject line tells all. I came across this note on a model engineering list. The post was made by Veronica Merryfield and her question was/is "Anyone heard of Johan van Zanten? and a website of the same? Below is an example of his work" Some very nice work. I did a quick google. Found...
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    Knee adjustment fix of my Bridgeport

    Now that the Bridgeport is all back together again I need to fix the knee adjustment shaft and crank. As you recall I stated that there was a fix that needed to be done. Since I'm not restoring the machine to original condition I made my own crank and fixed the shaft to make it work. First a...
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    Milling long pieces

    Ever try to mill a piece of stock longer than your table will travel? ??? Here's a tip for those of us that have a small mill and need to mill a part longer than the table travels. Such is the case with my X2 mill, a Grizzly min-mill. I needed to make 2 pieces of 1/4" aluminum 1" wide and they...
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    Machining a Rotary Engine

    Here's something for you guys that want to try and build a rotary engine were the blade and pistons rotate. Also some interesting movies for the CNC crowd of machining the engine parts. Enjoy. Bernd
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    Large slot milling on an X2 type mill

    Here's a tip for you guys with a X2 mill. I had to cut a 3/8" wide slot into a piece of steel that is 1.25" thick. Now that's quite a bit of metal to be removed for such a small mill. I solved the problem by chain drilling, then using a 3/8" dia. end mill to mill out the webs left and finally...
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    Got my Bridgeport home

    Waregle, I'll post this thread here. If it needs to be be moved to a more appropriate place, please do so. The day has finally arrived were I pick up my, new to me, Bridgeport. I'll document how I got it home, took it apart, moved it to the basement and reassembled it. So to start this pic...
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    Phase Converter Motor

    The Bridgeport I'm getting is a 3 phase machine so I'll need a converter. I've had this motor for over 15 years now. I figured if I ever get a 3 phase machine I would have a motor to make a converter. It's a 220/440 Volt 3 phase 7.5HP 1160 RPM motor. It's all cast iron and very heavy. How do I...
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    Moved the #21 Buffalo Forge Drill press into the basement

    Sunday was moving day for the #21 Buffalo Forge drill press. I wanted it in the basement because it's warmer (a lot warmer) in the winter than the garage. Also need to make some room for the Bridgeport that is coming weeks end. So following is 18 pics of how I moved it into the basement. I...
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    Bought a Bridgeport

    I figured I post this here since there doesn't seem to be a place to post about having a machine follow you home. ;D First a bit of a story. I've always envied the guy that writes about finding that machine he's been looking for very close to home. Well, I've been looking to get a Bridgeport...
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    Standard & Metric Thread Sizes

    Another thread has been started on metric unit conversion and how best to convert dimensions from metric to imperial. :P In these discussions I haven't seen anything mentioned on hole size or thread conversions. Hole sizes are easy. Say you need to drill a 2.5mm dia., converted to inch would be...
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    Jerry Hale's Rotary Engine

    I'm a subscriber of Model Engine Builder magazine. The recent issue has a very interesting engine that Jerry Hale designed. It is based on a Wankel engine but has what looks like 4 cylinders inside a ring and one spark plug. Bascially all four cylinders revolve inside the ring. They have a video...
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    Moving a Bridgeport into the Basement

    I was surfing the net last night and came across this website. After reading it, which I found humorous and, informative and a few good links, I had to think of Bogstandard's thread on setting up his shop. I don't think I'd try the method he used to transport his mill from the place he bought it...
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    Stretching a throttle linkage

    I was asked to stretch a throttle linkage from 6" to 17". Below is a pic of the 6" linkage. If you want to see how I got from the above to the one below, follow this link. Throttle linkage The reason I put this post here is that it goes on a hot rod car and not on a steam engine. But the...