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    Piston material

    Hi, I'm building a 45mm gauge De winton. I have made the cylinders out of brass and would like to know if phosphor bronze is a suitable material for the pistons. My searches have suggested a number of combinations, but I can't find this particular one. I would like to use bronze simply because I...
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    Is this a bottoming tap?

    Hi, I am making a Cracker locomotive and have to put a thread in the oscillating cylinder - the trouble is I only have a few mm of thickness to play with before I break into the cylinder bore. I bought a 'suitable' tap from Ebay, a dormer - the box says 'bottom', but it doesn't look like my...
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    Oh no! Not another Cracker? But there's always room for one more cracker!

    Hi everyone. This is my first post and my first build, I hope I get both right. I bought a lathe a few years ago, but employed it largely making pieces for my other main hobby - model boats. I made several cannons, drive couplings, bushes etc., but nothing that actually "worked". I have been...