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    Simple & Unexpensive lathe CAD/CAM package

    I recieved my CNC mill and lathe with Siemens 808D controller. I purchased Vectric Cut2D for my router month ago, and it works perfectly with my milling machine and 808D. But i cant seem to find any CAD/CAM package for my cnc lathe that is suitable for a hobby used (pricing) and supports...
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    How do you store heave acessories?

    Despite my young age i have noticed quite of back pain after lifting that 250 mm heavy camlock chucks or large mill vises (40 kg +) from floor level (stored in machines bases). I planning to make a heavy duty table on wheels and have all of them stored on it so the acessories will be always...
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    Cast iron piston substitute

    Hello, im close to finishing my little IC by Jan Ridders called Debbie. The design calls for cast iron cylinder and piston, and i built CI cylinder on my last lathe. However i dont want to ever again put cast iron in my new lathe, so what could substitute CI piston in this engine? Could i...
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    VFD for lathe, sensorless vector

    As im upgrading my lathe with VFD and larger motor, i have 2 options in sensorless vector control. It is speed control or torque control, which one is better for lathe and why?
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    Blade for QCTP cutting tool

    With my new lathe i recieved a QCTP and also a tool holder for cutout blade. I was also delivered 10 PCS rectangular blades, but they simply cannot be held in there since holder pushes the blade out sideways when tightening it. I have found info i need a trapezoidal blade, so i ordered it. Now i...
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    How do you store your tapered tools?

    I wonder how do other people store their tapered tools (ISO 40, MT4...)? I dont like the idea of standard tool cabinet since everytime i open a drawer tools knock one in each other. There are nice cabinets exactly for that purpose, but they are too expensive (cost 4-5 times more than regulat...
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    New mill

    It arrived today, when i uncrated it i tought that there is no way i will ever get it inside trough steps and ordinary small door. It is really, really big compared to my old BF20 which was carried by me and my brother. Luckily i have a brilliant father, a jack of all trades who got it in the...
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    Compressed air bottle wall thickness

    Im trying to find a new compressor with Aluminium bottle. Im tired of my almost new compressors being full of rust. I found a manufacturer in China i like, they claim 3.2 mm Aluminium tank thickness for a 10 bar vertical compressor. I have no experience or knowledge in this, is this enough?
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    DIY lathe

    Here is a DIY lathe seen on flea market. Unfortunately the seller found/stole it somewhere and does not know anything about who and when built it. So no further information is available. Seller asked almost 500 EUR due to the "significant historic vallue because being old"
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    Creative idea for a wall decal?

    Hello, im searching help from fellow machinists to choose a wall decal. As i sold my lathe and mill and made place for bigger machines the wall stay full of holes from various acessories and holders for previous machine tools. Since the new machines are larger, no holes will be compatible...
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    Does longer lathe ways have any disadvantage

    Ready to order my new lathe, still need to clear one detail. Its 410 mm swing (Chinese CM6241) and can be had in 1000 and 1500 mm center distance. Until now i had 700 mm center distance and was happy with it. I will never need long working distance as 1500 mm but im considering it because...
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    Choosing lathe stand material (cast iron or steel)

    Im ordering new 14X40 lathe and can choose steel or cast iron stand, the pricing is same. What is better and why?
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    New SIEG mill

    Hello, since im ordering a CNC from Sieg i decided to upgrade my mill to a bigger, stronger one and managed to sold my small mill. I decided for SIEG SX4, i noticed there are 2 variants: SX4- DIGI SX4- PRO SX4 PRO seems to come with more equipment installed, but DIGI has more...
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    Sieg CNC mills

    Hello, im in search for a small CNC mill. I found something quite small that i like Sieg KX1S - SIEG. The ammount of travel is quite small, but would fit my needs. I like the cabinet and it will help me to keep my workshop clean as until now. KX3S looks nicer, but there is no way to bring this...
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    Any experience with syilamerica mills?

    Im targeting for . Im looking for first hand experiences with this mill. Unfortunately this is the only available cnc mill locally.
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    Help with glass DRO scales

    As my lathe arrived from Weiss in bad shape due to poor QC and a a faceplate thrown freely inside i had to remove DRO scales to repair damages and clean it. Also i did not like to much their "professional" installation because they used loose nuts and washers as scale spacers, and also managed...
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    New workshop

    Well the time came when i needed to understand that there is no place for my machines in spare bedroom, and with arriving new bandsaw and lathe its time to move. I decided to make my garage a new workshop, im moving from 16 m2 to 42 m2. Here are the last pictures of my current workshop...
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    Assembling a tool trolley

    I received a trolley, screws, wheels and unusually big washers. If i insert washer from top side the wheels cannot turn, if inserted below wheels it flexes the thin metal plate (because the wheel assembly does not "sit" completely on the metal chest, but only on four washers". Can anyone...
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    Happy news!

    Well 1 year from when i sold my mini lathe i was without a lathe. Its amazing how before my first lathe I did not need it that much, and after i sold it almost everyday there was a situation with a solution " if i had a lathe, that could be done easy". After waiting for almost half a year for...
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    Interesting radius turner

    I just seen a banner here on the forum. What do You think ? I think i will order one