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  1. Blogwitch

    Gone as far as I can

    I have been supporting this site almost from the beginning and except for a couple of bad arguments early on I have enjoyed every minute, especially when I shared my ramblings with everyone. It is such a shame it was all spoiled when Photobucket became very greedy and all pictures disappeared...
  2. Blogwitch

    Brass or copper

    Copper will be perfect for both jobs Wes, and I would recommend silver soldering rather than soft plumbing solder if at all possible. John
  3. Blogwitch

    Rotary table and Stepper Motor

    These links may be able to help I have done a couple of these installations now but because of the Photobucket fiasco, all the...
  4. Blogwitch

    Files for a Die Filer

    What you need to do is find files that are parallel all along their cutting surfaces as you are going to make your files so that they cut on the downstroke. So the holding portion has to be ground out of part of the cutting surface. Make sure you have holdown arms on your machine otherwise you...
  5. Blogwitch

    Health Update

    Chuck, I know first hand how you are feeling and coping. It has been a pleasure to have known you over the last few years and used a few of your great ideas in some of the models I have built. John
  6. Blogwitch

    Happy New Year

    The same to all members, both old and new John
  7. Blogwitch

    Extension tool holder, can't find

    Hi Pullup, As you have stated that you are used to machining metals, these types of tool holders are very easy to make, I have made dozens of them in the past and I just made them to do the job that was needed. The part that fits onto the tool holder is standard, all you do then is shape up...
  8. Blogwitch

    Definite Blunder

    Ignator, You have proved my saying straight away, "most aircraft accidents are pilot error" It can be a transistor burning out, the tip of a tool breaking off or even snow falling off a roof, they are not accidents, they will all have a cause. I have seen too many major 'accidents' in my life...
  9. Blogwitch

    Definite Blunder

    I have an old saying that I used to repeat to myself ACCIDENTS DON'T HAPPEN, THEY ALWAYS HAVE A CAUSE John
  10. Blogwitch

    Silicone piston rings

    Be very careful when using silicon in an engine. Viton is perfect for rings but silicon is very susceptible to different liquids, plus it is very soft when compared to butyl or viton, maybe causing too much friction. WD40 (used for cleaning) makes it swell up and disintegrate, causing a gooey...
  11. Blogwitch

    Sorry for the confusion

    Thank you all fellow members, I was one of the first members on here many years ago, and it is nice to know that I have influenced a fair few members with my ramblings. There was nothing new in what I was doing at that time, in fact old books gave me lots of ideas and methods, just that I...
  12. Blogwitch

    Sorry for the confusion

    It seems that I have confused a few members with my post last year, even I got confused at the time. To now put things straight, when they operated on me last year, it seems as though a few of the nasty 'C' cells...
  13. Blogwitch

    Making a ceramic burner,

    A little late but here is the burner used on the last flame licker (a Scott) I am half way through building. I have built many dozens ceramic burners for steam engines for many years. This first one is the main drawing, notice the venturi for speeding up the premixed gas and air. Where the jet...
  14. Blogwitch

    Atlas MF Mill

    You might try Clausing, they stock most items for the early Atlas lathes, it was where I got a lot of special parts, they just might do the same for the mills. John
  15. Blogwitch

    Spark Plug constructlon revisited

    What a very nice and informative post Gail, very similar to the OLD STYLE posts that were the norm on here. Rather than just a next bit picture, a FULL explanation of what needs to be done to obtain the final result. A real joy to read. Keep it up John
  16. Blogwitch

    VFD Wiring

    I have had most of my wiring sorted for the Siemens Micromaster VFD and pendant that is going to be fitted to my lathe. Basically, once you put the 3 ph motor on the lathe, all wiring originally used for the 1ph that is on your machine becomes redundant. The motor is totally controlled from the...
  17. Blogwitch

    here are a few of my ( maybe ) stupid questions

    I am not nit picking at all, just trying to get the terminology correct In John Antliff's very good write up above "I use whenever possible, "pallets" to braze small items" In fact "pallets" is incorrect, it should be "pallions". Like John, I use Tenacity 5 or 4A, both are very good fluxes...
  18. Blogwitch

    G'Day cobbadog here

    Hi C, I have modded my lathe to make threading much easier even though I do use engaged half nuts with a swing up toolholder 99% of the time. Maybe these two posts will enlighten you a little.
  19. Blogwitch

    Centrifugal switch ideas please.

    Going thru my plans for certain engines, in this case the R&B engine, this is about the easiest method of getting a centrifugal switch to operate. Whether this can be used for your problem, just have a quickie look and see if something like it will do the job. I hope this helps John
  20. Blogwitch

    Old posts revisited

    Our Jason, a long time ago, put a link into another website to prevent lots of data being lost. This is a link to some of my offerings that might have lost all their pictures while posted on here. Although old, I still think that...
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