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  1. Cogsy

    Silver solder or braze

    It's something of a fools errand to try and standardise even the simplest of terms across large geographic areas. We can't even agree on the pronunciation of things like 'solder' let alone the finer details of soldering vs brazing. As for the terms themselves, there is a US standard that says...
  2. Cogsy

    piston skirt relief

    Since I've started using a 5C collet block I make sure I leave a spigot on the top of the piston blanks when I machine them. Then I can hold the spigot in the collet block nice and securely while I machine the wrist pin hole and the rest of the internal features. Once it's done the spigot goes...
  3. Cogsy

    Split bushings

    Whether you soft solder or not, it's a good idea to mark the orientation before you separate them so you end up with a truly 'matched set'.
  4. Cogsy


    I'm not seeing the ads and no longer having any issues logging in or staying logged in since I removed all cookies for HMEM in Chrome. I'm guessing cookies are the issues here as well. I just posted how to remove them from a specific site in another thread (LINK) if you need instructions...
  5. Cogsy

    HMEM will be having a software update later today

    I did a partial cookie removal from Chrome and had no joy but a site specific removal worked for me. To do this, go to Chrome settings then click on 'Privacy and security'. From there select 'Site settings' and from the next page click on 'View permissions and data stored across sites'. There is...
  6. Cogsy

    New Posts

    I just checked the 'new posts' and clicked on the thread titles as normal and it jumped me to the last unread post like it used to. I would guess the update killed all the cookies that showed which post we'd last read. As we use the forum more it should all reset but it might be a little painful...
  7. Cogsy

    New Posts

    I can't check it now as I've read all the new posts but it looks to me that once you are taken to post #1 there is a button on the top right, just above the first post, which says "jump to new" which will take you to the first unread post. Seems painful to me as it was much better the old way...
  8. Cogsy

    HMEM will be having a software update later today

    I've managed to get back in through Chrome but it took a while. After a thorough cookie clean out I had what Minh was getting with the 'security issue' but a restart of the browser solved that. I've shut down and reloaded Chrome a couple of times and stayed logged in as well so I'm guessing most...
  9. Cogsy

    HMEM will be having a software update later today

    Since the update I have been unable to log in on Chrome and had huge amounts of trouble logging in using Edge (shudder). I can't reset my password using Chrome (it just hangs) and if I try to use my existing password it seems to accept it but returns me to the home page without logging me in...
  10. Cogsy

    Know where your fingers are---

    I once did a job for an 84 year-old man that had been a carpenter for his entire working life and retired with all his fingers. During retirement he decided to build his dream home and did as much of the work himself that he could. When he was making the window frames he managed to cut off 1-1/2...
  11. Cogsy

    wrist pin design

    For the holes in the pads - I would expect they're a snug fit into the rod, which is hollow? So the holes are just to vent the air inside the rod so they (a) don't build up pressure when the pads are installed and (b) don't build up more pressure in a sealed volume as the engine heats up. For...
  12. Cogsy

    Annealing Copper

    The pressure changes of the boiler will likely work harden the copper pretty quickly. I know soft water pipes in houses harden up rapidly.
  13. Cogsy

    Small Weekend Projects

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to restore a lost post. I have had the forum automatically save my reply as I'm typing (it just flashed up "draft saved" or something similar in the bottom right corner of the reply box as I typing) and I know this draft text still comes up even if I delete...
  14. Cogsy

    Metal annular ring growth at elevated temperature

    I've never had to do such calcs on a ring so can't help with any formulas but I can say you definitely can't apply the linear coefficient to things such as bore or OD and get correct expansion. The thermal coefficient relates to material expansion only and the 'void' of the bore or ID will not...
  15. Cogsy

    Small Weekend Projects

    Honestly, looking at the drawing and the picture, I would have thought the shank of the tool would be inserted into the chuck and the flat on the end disk would be the centre height. I think that's why people were confused as the drawing shows the 'flat' in the end disk not on the centreline of...
  16. Cogsy

    Introducing ... the "Steel Webster"

    Truthfully, I have no definite answer on either question as I don't know the copyright on either of them for sure. I think they're both in the public domain so it should be OK (with attribution) as they are certainly available quite freely. I doubt it would cause any issues so my guess would be...
  17. Cogsy

    Introducing ... the "Steel Webster"

    Congrats on a runner, it's always a great feeling the first time they fire up. This forum is the place for your build log, feel free to just continue this thread if you like.
  18. Cogsy

    Ignition module

    I've played with a Banggood engine that had one fitted. It ran without problems for over 8 hours (except for fuel stops) so I assume they're OK.
  19. Cogsy

    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    The Chuck Fellows method being talked about is the one I use for single cams and it's very easy and fast. For the flank radius, which is determined by the arc the boring head is describing, for smallish cams like these I just set it at around 2" and see how it looks. We're not after maximum...
  20. Cogsy

    Modify an O-ring ???

    Can you put something like a couple of dabs of grease or petroleum jelly in the groove so it holds the o-ring in place long enough to get the two halves together? Something like grease shouldn't affect the seal at all (which I'd be concerned about as well if you glued it with CA).
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