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    Is there any place to get BA Bolts / Screws in US?

    British shipping costs are quite reasonable -- way cheaper than US shipping to the rest of the world so it's worth checking it out. I can get stuff shipped cheaper from the UK to regional Australia than from Sydney, Australia. Go figure.
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    Myford lathe

    You can buy those gear clusters brand new from Myford in the UK. They have an eBay store too. Not worth messing about with a used gear that could be in similarly abused condition and about to let go. It's a common failure, due usually to locking the spindle and whaling on the chuck key with a...
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    Myford lathes help and advice for Bazmak

    1972 IIRC.
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    Myford lathes help and advice for Bazmak

    I'd make the effort to accommodate the longer bed. It's the kind of thing you don't really need, until the day you need it, and then you really need it. Also, on a daily basis it's real handy to be able to park the tailstock well out of the way when out of use.
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    Cylinder bore surface help

    IC engines will usually have a clearly discernible cross hatch pattern honed onto the bore. If you are using conventional cast iron rings, it will wear in to a smooth surface with remaining fine cross hatching for oil retention. 2" bore is same size as a small motorcycle engine so normal...
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    T type cut-off tools

    Two oft-cited advantages of an inverted parting tool are: 1. Swarf falls out of the groove under gravity so does not get jammed between the sides of the parting tool and the job so readily. 2. Forces on the headstock spindle bearings are downwards, thus against the solid body of the headstock...
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    T type cut-off tools

    Just about every one of the millions of capstan lathes ever made uses inverted parting tool in rear tool post. Never a problem. If you are worried about carriage lifting, apply carriage locking clamp. Standard operating procedure on Myfords and Drummonds for over 100 years now.
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    hone (brass barrel )

    Confused between honing and lapping here. Which do you want to do? And brass, is that the material of the job or the proposed lap? What is the application of the 9 bores to be lapped/honed? Radial engine? Material- steel or cast iron? If so, brake hone should do the job. Or is it something...
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    T type cut-off tools

    Get your money back. It is not a T profile tool. Speak to the rep's supervisor if you have to. I bought a T parting tool from Eccentric Engineering and it is very definitely T shaped as shown in your first posted pic. They are commonly used on automated lathes etc in production. Nothing at all...
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    Optima lathe and mill

    The only experience I have with Optimum is an Optimum mini/micro lathe I sorted out for a bloke in town here. Was woeful quality. Bend in the bed from new of half a millimeter or more. Woeful fit between saddle and ways. Leadscrew so far out of alignment the carriage jammed mid-travel. Once that...
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    Myford spindle information

    LOL@ Norman. No stakes involved. There is no doubt about the level of "bastardry" involved in the manufacturing industry. But if you are making your own screwcutting tool, might as well make it 55 degrees to match the spindle. Taps are handy for cleaning up the final thread but I don't fancy the...
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    Myford spindle information

    A second way to double check my calculations above is to use the chart linked to above by fcheslop. It lists a 12tpi thread for nominal 1/2" BSW. So its major diameter is .500". To make it relevant to 1-1/8" diameter, add 5/8" or .625" to the diameters quoted. So the thread depth the chart...
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    Myford spindle information

    Well, nominally the minor diameter would be 1.125" minus your thread depth of .053" x 2. (As derived from the formula Depth = .6403 x pitch) So 1.125" - .106" = 1.019" minor diameter. To allow a bit of tip clearance, I would bore the hole to 1.025" diameter. Then proceed screwcutting from...
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    Myford spindle information

    PS, system won't let me edit previous post. If you are cutting a female thread, make the inside diameter of the hole five to ten thou larger than the calculated minor diamter from the formula I gave. This gives tip clearance and ensures threads engage on the flanks, not the tips.
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    Myford spindle information

    Basic screwcutting. For Whitworth, thread depth = .6403 x pitch. So that comes to .053" thread depth. Don't get too carried away with trying to cut the perfect thread to exact BS standard threadforms etc. That is the realm, as Martin Cleeve calls it, of "overzealous amateurs". Standard...
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    How does that work? Are you making up three hardened, threaded wheels that somehow fit into a G-clamp type pipe cutter? Sounds interesting. Stainless is tough stuff to work. Might be worth buying some 2mm 306 wire rather than the welding rods you are currently using. If all else fails...
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    Lathe help

    You could make your own. It will be a standard taper of some sort. Probably Morse. But you could set your lathe up to make your own easily enough. Set a small dial test indicator gauge on the toolpost and set it to run on the rear side of the taper in the spindle. Adjust top slide until the...
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    Myford's metal lathes

    Haha, yes must be cut-price seasons made down to a price in the Far East.
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    Myford's metal lathes

    Well, it's not raining here. And the temperature is about 75 degrees F. But it is the middle of winter.
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    My Father gave me this yesterday, no experience with engines, thought you guys could help.

    Nice one. The Kiwi was a design by the legendary E.T. Westbury back before World War 2. There is a potted history of it here And this set of drawings and construction...
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