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    a samll rortary table by g.h. thomas

    That nonsense about 70 years after the authors death is one of the more stupid things that cam from Europe as it was never that long in the USA. I can understand protecting the original author for a specific number of years and while he is alive but 70 years after his death makes no sense at all.
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    Cabin Fever 2020

    Thanks to everyone making Cabin Fever a success. I could almost carbon copy parts of my post last year where I was happy to make it back in one piece, Got caught in a heavy bit of snow driving through NY. As for the "pond issue", it would be a shame not to have the diversity of steam...
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    Trouble with cut off operations

    I have no trouble imagining this sort of operation. What I see is the tool working against the mechanics of the machine. Instead of compressing the various parts of the machine together you are effectively pulling them apart.
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    Trouble with cut off operations

    Lately the only parting I've been doing at work has been either hardened Thompson rod or a bit of 4340. Hardened rod absolutely requires that you be either exactly on center or a tiny bit below. If not the tool rubs. Now different materials will deliver different results so I will not...
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    Sieg C1 Micro-Lathe headstock aligment? Has anyone ever tried it?

    Never even seen a C1! However back in the day (35 years ago now) I did work in a machine tool rebuilding operation and worked with a very talented machinist / tool builder to align milling machine heads to rebuilt mills. to put in the kindest way possible you want to be absolutely sure...
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    Actuator on Bench Mounted press or brake

    There are many issues here that need to be considered. Probably the biggest is that tools designed for human operation often are not amendable to mechanical augmentation. Sometimes you are far better off designing a purpose built machine that leverages the mechanical solution you choose...
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    Trouble with cut off operations

    I have to agree putting ones hands into contact with a rotating piece is asking for trouble. It will likely work fine until the day it doesn’t and blood gets loose. Now that being said sometimes it only takes a little pressure to remove nasty harmonics. In that regard the end of a wooden...
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    Trouble with cut off operations

    A little late to the thread but I’m not sure that people are stressing the importance of setting center height enough!! Setting your height via a live center is not good enough. The tool needs to be on center or a few thousands lower. I actually learned this at work on a machine bigger...
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    LMS Sieg SC4 Popping My Ground Fault Interrupter

    As for that outdoor outlet it isn’t just rain but bugs that can trip a GFI. The responses above are really good except for the comment about extension cords or power cords. I’ve seen cords far shorter that 100 feet trips GFI, in at least one instance it was like new. It appears that they...
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    LMS Sieg SC4 Popping My Ground Fault Interrupter

    It is possible that those surge protection strips are an issue. It all depends upon how the MOV’s and gas tubes are wired up. In most cases turning the strip off will not help. I’d unplug that strip and not use it to see what happens over time. Also being that this is a garage I’d keep...
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    Myford lathe

    You have lots of responses here but it comes down to the condition of the machine. I’d rather take a machine in good condition and ignore whom made it. Unless of course you want a rebuild challenge. the interesting thing with lathes used by model engineers is that age isn’t a big concern...
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    LMS Sieg SC4 Popping My Ground Fault Interrupter

    I just logged in and saw this thread. first off the behavior of GFI outlets do vary a bit based on the manufacture. You could very well have a sensitive GFI. I tend to doubt that at the moment based on other info in this thread. second if the GFI is protecting downstream outlets and...
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    There are lots of options if you want to consider them. One mechanical solution is to go with a Reeves Drive. a second option is a DC drive / motor combination. a third option is to consider a 3 phase motor with a VFD drive. Considering the 3 phase motor and VFD, this is one of the...
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    starting 100% completely from scratch! what would be the best first few moves?

    When it comes to clock making, maybe not watch making I could actually see the need for both a watch makers lathe and something g bigger down the road. This if the goal is sizeable wall or mantle clocks. to put it another way, lathes with limited Swings will box you in if more sizable pieces...
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    Antique shop bargain

    That is an incredible value. the local Antique shops often over price stuff to the point I stopped visiting.
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    Choosing Lathes??

    I’m trying to imagine what the MD65 is but I’m thinking small. From my perspective you either go to the watch makers /clock builders lathe or go with the largest engine lathe you can deal with. If your focus is on very small items the small lathes can do and are even preferred. On the...
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    10 x 22 lathe cross slide dovetails not parallel(?)

    I’m glad to see that you have resolved the problem to your satisfaction however to prevent future grief I’d suggest learning to scrap bearing surfaces. I cringe everytime I hear about uncontrolled lapping of bearing surfaces. This especially if geometry corrections are needed.
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    starting 100% completely from scratch! what would be the best first few moves?

    A dial indicator isn’t a beginners project a thought that everybody can agree on. My problem with this is that even 300 years ago a clock builder would not of made everything himself. We really need to determine the goals here because making your own dial indicator right off the bat is a...
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    Tubing bender

    No plans but here is a thread: Is Mr. Britnell still with us? if that doesn’t work a google search “tubing bender plans” brings up hundreds of interesting links.
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    Making lathe from scratch and using mild steel plate? Why use cast iron?

    For DIY with simple tools I really think the way to go is with cast composites. That is epoxy granites. The material still requires the use of steel for thread inserts, exoskeletons or in other areas where the qualities of steel can be leveraged. There is a massive thread over on CNCZone...
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