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  1. Herbiev

    MW54 turbine

    Oh well. Back to the drawing board.
  2. Herbiev

    MW54 turbine

    Just wondering if there is any interest in the team build of a MW54 turbine as per JohnTom plans
  3. Herbiev

    Servo Drive For a lathe Compound

    The stepper controller postage at $21 seems a bit steep. This mob has free postage Very impressive project tho.
  4. Herbiev

    A Stothert & Pitt beam engine.

    Looking great so far.
  5. Herbiev

    Who makes the best small drill bits?

    I find Sutton tools have the best drills
  6. Herbiev

    First post - introduction

    Welcome to the club Ted.
  7. Herbiev

    Who makes the best small drill bits?

    I use Sutton tools. Great drill bits.
  8. Herbiev

  9. Herbiev

    Hello from a new member

    Welcome to the club Yar1950
  10. Herbiev

    Project of the Month - November 2018

    Beautifully constructed engine. Well deserved.
  11. Herbiev

    Viton O-Rings

    Ludowici seals or James Walker seals should stock them
  12. Herbiev

    Water jet cutter

    Thanks for all the suggestions. As I have a plasma cutter I might just CNC that machine.
  13. Herbiev

    Water jet cutter

    I intend to use 80 grit garnet via a hopper into the water jet
  14. Herbiev

    Water jet cutter

    Thanks Scott. Looks like some interesting reading.
  15. Herbiev

    Water jet cutter

    I am toying with the idea of making a water jet cutter. Is it possible to build a 6000psi piston driven by a cam. Can anyone steer me in the direction of plans ?
  16. Herbiev

    Project of the Month - September 2018

    Well deserved. A work of art.
  17. Herbiev

    What kind if splined shaft is this ?

    Looks like a PTO ( power take off) shaft from a tractor.
  18. Herbiev

    cnc router plans and recomendations

    My neighbor and I just completed this build. It is a very sturdy unit constructed with aluminum and steel.
  19. Herbiev

    Hello from York SC

    And a big welcome from the land down under
  20. Herbiev

    My homemade gear hobber

    Great work. Thanks for sharing
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