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  1. ShopShoe

    Thumper--a 1 3/8" bore i.c. engine

    Brian, Good job on your cart. I also don't get to do much fabrication anymore, so enjoy it when I can. Thank You for posting, as always. --ShopShoe
  2. ShopShoe

    COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

    For the USA, this link gets you to the EPA "Official" list of products, ingredients, etc.. It is changing constantly.: --ShopShoe
  3. ShopShoe

    Bolton No.2 Mill Engine

    I like the look of that. Close to a lot of the old cast iron toys from the first part of the 20th. century. I hope to try that someday. --ShopShoe
  4. ShopShoe

    Start Model Engineering

    Norman, I should have figured that out. I have known about John Stevenson for years, thanks to you and some of the other forum members who were here when I started visiting. He is missed. --ShopShoe
  5. ShopShoe

    No. 1 Arbor Press

    The thread is here: Unfortunately, the pictures are blurred because Photo****et is holding them hostage. Like many other members I decided not to pay and I have not decided on an...
  6. ShopShoe

    Start Model Engineering

    dnp101677, The last post before yours was in 2010. My guess is that they're gone. In this hobby, vendors and sites come and go. A lot of us are geezers and even if we start something as energetic and enthusiastic in younger geezerhood time and circumstances will intervene and things will no...
  7. ShopShoe

    No. 1 Arbor Press

    I got one of the small HF units (1/2 Ton) and put a lot of work into it to make it smooth and I also made it so I could change from pressing to tap-guiding. The project is still not finished the way I intended as life events have kept me from getting much shop time. My thought in general is...
  8. ShopShoe

    Kerzel engine

    That's very good. It runs so very smoothly. I like your finish: Very Nice, but too much bling. Do you have another project in the wings? --ShopShoe
  9. ShopShoe

    Home-made collet chuck and collets - some Q's

    FWIW, I made an ER-11 collet adapter following Arnold's original post a few years ago. It is not a hard project to accomplish. I bought a collet nut and some collets from a supplier (Travers) and everything worked well to solve the problem I had at the time. I have since bought an ER-25...
  10. ShopShoe

    robust industrial shelf construction tip

    babolottino, I would strongly suggest you make your uprights ("columns") from angle that has holes punched at set distances, if you can get it in your area. With that, and assembling with bolts, you can adjust your shelves to new spacing if your needs change. Basically, like most of the...
  11. ShopShoe

    Outlet for model engines

    In regards to recouping hobby investments: Forget it. We're in machining and making (and other hobbies) for our enjoyment (mostly.) The world is moving too fast and I feel the same nostalgia for slowly learning the skills from old-timers and acquiring the tools slowly and ultimately getting good...
  12. ShopShoe

    Trouble with cut off operations

    Some additional comments: I tried to find more information on your 7x12 lathe, and was not very successful. It may not accomodate the rear-mojnted, inverted parting tool that is recommended (and I agree that is an option if your lathe can do it. If you can do it, you may want to try it.) To be...
  13. ShopShoe

    Trouble with cut off operations

    Adding to wnat Arnak said above: Also cut near the chuck. Feed the tool at a steady definite rate, You can work-harden some materials if you are not feeding steadily and cutting.. If you are using a HSS cutting tool and you can sharpen it, sharpen it often. If the cutting edge is not cutting...
  14. ShopShoe

    Featured Build December 2019 - Lanz Tractor

    Congratulations. I have also been following this. I first became aware of the full-size Lanz tractors from YouTube and I like your project as I can see how it relates to the big ones. --ShopShoe
  15. ShopShoe

    Advice for a complete beginner?

    I will pass on the matter of books to others who care to answer and thank you for coming here. There is much information to be found on this site and other similar ones, before you get to books. I can also recommend visiting YouTube for lots of how-to information. As far as a first project, we...
  16. ShopShoe

    Hit & Miss Side Shaft Solenoid Motor

    That's beautiful. For anyone who hasn't understood hit-and-miss, that definitely runs slowly enough to show it. I really like the sideshaft on this one. Did you make the gears? --ShopShoe
  17. ShopShoe

    Stirling engine

    Very Nice. Congratulations --ShopShoe
  18. ShopShoe

    Antique shop bargain

    That's a fantastic deal. Congratualtions on a great score. --ShopShoe
  19. ShopShoe

    Project of the month

    Just another random wandering thought: I am not distressed or offended to see posts in other languages. This forum is in English, but if someone wants to post a translated-to-English message, then also post in her or his original language, that is OK with me. I do not mind, just like I don't...
  20. ShopShoe

    270 Offy

    Thank You awake. The holder looks so simple that I imagined fewer steps in the process. It clearly is a clearly-thought-out design and very elegantly made. Thank you for your complete explanation. I think I can speak for everyone as well as myself to say how much we appreciate detailed...
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