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  1. Jasonb

    Is there any place to get BA Bolts / Screws in US?

    Problem is freely available commercial metric fasteners have heads that look even worse than BA being flat and double chamfer well that's if you can call the forged heads and nuts chamfered and look totally out of place on any half decent model. Decent small hex metric fasteners are available...
  2. Jasonb

    Tapered chuck staying in millshaft

    They are sold as Mill-drills and most will come with a drill chuck though often the MT taper is the threaded type for a draw bar. It would be worth thinking of changing the arbor to a drawbar one anyway as easier to eject than a tanged one and not going to drop out but don't use it for milling...
  3. Jasonb

    Tapered chuck staying in millshaft

    Get a collet that fits the cutters you are trying to use. Is this a tanged MT3 taper with a drill chuck on it, if so not a good idea to hold milling cutters in a drill chuck as they will pull out even if you change the arbor to one that takes a brawbat
  4. Jasonb

    Flywheel with integrated fan

    If you can't tilt your head and can't work out a simple way to mount a standard rotary table at and angle then the third option is to mount the R/T vertically on the lathe's cross slide at the angle you want the holes to be at, pack it up to the requited height and then start your hole with a...
  5. Jasonb

    Edison dynamo

    Dave I have this image saved and will be winding mine as per the lefthand illustration, windings in opposite direction.
  6. Jasonb

    Radial engine plans/kits

    PIP 3 cylinder radial in MEB is a fairly straight forward barstock build, bcak issues available digitally (you need 3 issues) Few Anzani 3-cyl casting sets still available if you know where to look. Jung range also includes a 3 cyl...
  7. Jasonb

    Socket heads or hexagon heads

    Studs in a lot of cases not bolts. Also think of the shape of the nuts as off the shelf mass produced ones will be a bit flat and oversize if you want it to look right buy or make scale ones. Should be enough photos of the real thing on the net to look at and see what is required.
  8. Jasonb

    stuart engine

    tell him to look at my last reply on ME forum for a readable one that is online
  9. Jasonb

    Sparey 5cc. plans

    Possibly published in the mag in 1946 and also in Laidlaw-Dickenson's book "Model Diesel Engines" based on Model Engine News site. Books can be picked up second hand quite cheaply. mags possibly on e-bay. Don't know if hemingway have changed anything on the drawings except for redrawing in CAD...
  10. Jasonb

    Edison dynamo

    Thank's Dave, I think I did come across that one a while ago, bit bigger than what I'm thinking of which will be more along the lined of the Edison antique fan motors which could almost be made full size. The problem with all these videos and images is that I get distracted by other things that...
  11. Jasonb

    Edison dynamo

    Looks good Dave, I've half drawn up an old bi-polar motor which is not dissimilar just you put the power in and get rotation out. You can get some 1mm thick drive belts that have reinforcing in them that work quite well, I have used them for governors and cooling pumps on a screen cooled H&M...
  12. Jasonb


    Two designs for small model Mags in Model Engine Builder magazine one HT by John Vietti and a LT by Don Grimm. Digital back issues still available. There is also the kit sold by Minimag but that is a bit large and can look out of place on smaller engines
  13. Jasonb

    Which O-Ring for piston ring?

    If the Viton are only lasting 10mins what is the surface of your cylineder like? At a minimum it wants to be honed but better if it is lapped.
  14. Jasonb

    Thoughts on a Shizuoka Model AN-S

    Found his Blog, look at the 2017 and 2018 posts
  15. Jasonb

    Thoughts on a Shizuoka Model AN-S

    There is a guy over here who has updated one (not sure if it is the same model) with a modern controller, can't find his blog at the moment but the earlier videos in this link are of the machine. He sometimes posts on MEM forum as...
  16. Jasonb

    LMS Sieg SC4 Popping My Ground Fault Interrupter

    Any chance the two new ones are a different current rating than the old one and being more sensative are nuisance tripping
  17. Jasonb

    DOUBLE-ACTING oscillating engin

    If you are able to solder then you can build up the cylinder quite easily, infact could probably just stick it together with JBWeld which saves a lot of material and milling time, similar sort of thing below
  18. Jasonb

    Vertical Steam Engine Plans Wanted

    Possibly based on one of Bengs kit designs, they come with the milling done so can be made with just a lathe but has had more detail added by the builder and quite possibly total made from scratch...
  19. Jasonb

    Small Hot Bulb Engine

    Find Hansen has done some small ones, I have done a couple of hot tube engines at 1.5" bore.
  20. Jasonb

    Model Engineering Magazines Back Issues Sourcing

    The above is incorrect Pocketmags will only go back as far as when your subscription started or if buying back issues only to Vol 209. It is completely separate from the digital archive which as I said earlier only goes back to vol 187 of ME or all MEW. Furthermore if you take out a digital...
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