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    Is it possible to set up an apartment shop?

    I have a small apartment workshop at the top of a tower block, its in the back bedroom of a two bedroom apartment and I've just completed a small coke bottle steam engine In it, I have a small X1 mill, a small sieg lathe, a bandsaw and numerous other bits and pieces, of course I have...
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    Small Linear Actuator

    Electric car seats.?
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    Z axis drive

    Ron That sounds like a much better set up than mine, any chance of some more details, like the Arduino code and some pictures? Mark
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    Silver Bullet

    Michael No, not a zenner, a zenner diode is to drop a set voltage down below a required voltage and you have to know the formula to value the resistor that is in series with it, in this case, try looking at an ordinary coil circuit, that must have a diode across the feed wires that control the...
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    Silver Bullet

    Michael With regard to the sensors, I thought some body fixed that problem years ago, I think it was something to do with the kickback from the High voltage breakdown, if memory serves here, I think it was solved with a protection diode in the system some where but at the time was not so well...
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    X2 Mini Mill Power Feed

    David Can I ask how you powered your stepper motor and what program you used to make it move, this was the part that I had the most trouble with, of late I've been messing with powering the X axis, I don't think the Y axis is going to be a problem as it should take a stepper straight onto the...
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    Jerry Howell's Radiator

    I love this, its an inspiration, thank you Edmund :) Mark
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    Oilfield Engine (Was Bessemer...)

    Chuck Could it be back EMF when your disconnecting the circuit? might just need a diode across the hall sensor? Mark
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    Jerry Howell's Radiator

    Edmund I love watching your videos and hope to see many more, can't wait to see how it comes together. Thank you Mark
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    X2 Mini Mill Power Feed

    David I have fitted a stepper motor to the z axis of my X1 mill and it works very well to date and i,m just in the process of doing the same to the X asis, I've just been waiting to finish my current project of the bottle engine, mine uses an arduino controler with an electronic clutch, it...
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    My Tool Grinder.

    Baron Not tried any metal gears yet, just concentrating on getting it right with the plastic, I think acetal is the stuff I'm going after or delrin if that works?, certainly not making any more out of polypropylene , hell they make supermarket bags out of it, only tried it as an experiment...
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    My Tool Grinder.

    Baron I agree with Goldstar, be positive, I too have been in that situation, still go every 6 weeks, vampires next week, GP can't keep up lol, and I have four consultants for the past 5 years, but today I cut my first backgear for the lathe, was so chuffed it actually worked, and that was...
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    I don't contribute much to this site and I've been a regular daily viewer for over 7 years now but when a friend of mine in oz sent me this link concerning the posting of pictures from smart phones and the like I immediately thought of you guy's, I have no way of knowing whether this is true or...
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    X1 Mill mod

    An X1 mill mod I don’t know if any body’s interested but I’ve been trying to make my X1 mill a little bit more user friendly, I got so tired winding the Z drive up and down. In fact I spent more time winding up & down than actually doing the jobs on the steam engine, and my shoulder at my age...
  15. X1 Mill stepper

    X1 Mill stepper

    Switch box and arduino box
  16. X1 Mill stepper

    X1 Mill stepper

    Arduino & pololu
  17. X1 Mill stepper

    X1 Mill stepper

    Stepper & clutch
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    PWM diagram

    Tin I built one too, for my cnc router and mine worked OK as well, mines only 12v motor but it seems to be good, not used it now for a few years but was pleased with it Mark
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    Bore Gauge

    Daniel, thanks for that, but in this case its not the boring tool, the finish is like glass, just tapered. Paul thanks for the video, its the first time I've seen on being used and was very helpful, Dave H, I tried making a tool for the mill with silver steel as was sugested by Tin, believe it...
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    Cabin Fever Pics - Friday set-up day

    Think your self lucky Wizard, we get horse meat here in the UK.
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