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  1. mikelkie

    Topslide problem

    I often wanted to turn small tapers wit a live centre to support the work, but the tail stock jams the hand wheel of the top slide when set over to the required degree. So using the bevel gears from a Bridgeport quill feed, i made a 90 deg setup witch works surprisingly smooth. All needed to do...
  2. mikelkie

    Hunslet loco

    Anyone perhaps know where to find drawings of the Hunslet locomotive in 5in. By Don Young? I believe it appeared in the EIM in the 70s Any help will be apreciated. Thanks
  3. mikelkie

    Siplon Mill

    Hi all, Anyone out there worked on a 'Simplon un' mill? i would like to buy one. The table is turned about 5 deg. I can not see how the table is secured and the current owner does not know either,,any ideas someone?:confused:
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