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    Rivett 608 lathe.

    I've decided I'm getting rid of my 2 old lathes and getting something more modern. I overhauled this Rivett 608 a few years back. I've spent about £600 to get it where it is today, so all I want is that amount back. Comes with er32 collet set, quick change toolpost, single phase with Bosch...
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    1/3 scale V10, second project

    Right, here we go again! I've decided on a V10 this time, just to be different. And I'm going up a scale, as with the V8 everything seemed to be just slightly too small to make a proper job. Maybe my eyesight is going, or I need smaller fingers. Bore will be 1", capacity about 125cc. I...
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    Rivett lathe for sale.

    Ok, I need some V8 money more than I need 2 lathes so I want to see if this recently overhauled Rivett 608 lathe will fetch any decent money. It's date is 1922. Sold as seen in the photos, plus about 16 change gears, the idler belt drive assembly, faceplate, chisel rest thing and a 3 pointed...
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    Small mandrel bender

    Whilst on a slow period with my V8 I have been designing my next engine, which will be a 1/3 scale V10. Remembering what a nightmare the V8 exhaust manifolds were to make, I decided to have a go making a mandrel bender for the V10 exhaust. The tube size is 14mm o/d x 1mm wall. Hopefully...
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    Rivett lathe, what to do with it?

    I've just aquired this Rivett lathe. I know a bit of it's history as I bought it as a basket case, about 25 years ago for a mate, but he's never done anything with it, and gave it to me today. It was working when I bought it, but was stripped for delivery, and never touched since. I can see...
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    Ignition sensor identifcation

    Hello all, I've been trying to get the V8 to fire up for the last 3 weeks, with no luck whatsoever. I've decided the spark plugs are the problem and am currently making a new set, as per George Britnell's tutorial. Anyway, during testing I think I've blown up the pickup sensor for the...
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    Photobucket pro?

    I was just about to do an update on my engine when I saw that no images were being displayed on my thread. Seems I've exceeded my Photobucket bandwidth for the month. I noticed that from a normal weekly views of 250, I had around 9000 last week. This turned out to be because my thread was...
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    Small fuel injector source?

    Anyone know what the smallest commercially available petrol fuel injectors are, or to what they are fitted? I need a couple to fit to a 1/4 scale v8, but I'd really rather not spend weeks and months developing something if I can get them off the shelf. I've been searching for days but come up...
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    Been searching on and off all day to see if anyone has ever fitted fuel injection on a small petrol engine. I found a few references to it but nothing with any details of how to make, or where to buy, etc. I'm just researching if it's practical for my 1/4 scale engine, before I start designing...
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    Electronic ignition, variable advance?

    Looking ahead to when I need an ignition system for the 1/4 scale V8, I recall reading about an electronic ignition system which had a variable advance curve. I've tried to find it again now but can't. I can see some systems advertise variable advance, but it seems all they do is retard the...
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    Cylinder liner material, again.

    Ok, I know there is lots of info on here but I'm still unsure what to use. This is for a petrol engine, with ally piston and cast iron rings. What I'm trying to find out is what the best material is for my wet liners. By best I mean what material will last the longest in use, forget...
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    1/4 scale V8, first project.

    Hi all, I recently started designing a small petrol V8 engine, as I've allways fancied building one. I discovered this site and read what people were doing, especially Stevehuckss, and decided my plans were rubbish. So I've designed a much more intricate engine, compared to my first attempt...
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