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  1. ruzzie

    Compact micrometer boring head

    I had the urge to finish them off after 6 yrs of the parts sitting in the toolbox . I also need them for a up coming builds
  2. ruzzie

    Demon Blower

    I am using Inventor to model the demon V8 blower so I can machine it using Inventor HSM on my CNC, but I have come noticed when I put the rotors into my cad model I notice that there is around .43mm (.017”) clearance between the lobe. I haven’t seen a working version of the blower and was...
  3. ruzzie

    8 station lathe Turret

    I have connected my turret up to Mach3 and gave it a run and I think it will do the job nicely.
  4. ruzzie

    My QCTP Replacement

    I first started designing my turret in 2009 fast forward to 2016 and I am finally putting the finishing touches to an 8 station turret for my Emco V8 lathe, with the plan of converting it to a CNC . I want to complete the CNC conversion asap so I can start churning out all the little parts...
  5. ruzzie

    Hypocycloid Gearbox

    I finally finished my 3D printer and found that the steps/mm for the extruder was a bit course, so I designed a 10:1 reduction gearbox using CamBam's Hypocycloid generator.
  6. ruzzie

    A solenoid powered V8
  7. ruzzie

    Compact Boring Head plans

    Hi I am looking for the construction articles by G.A. Harding on making “A compact micrometer boring head “that appeared in model engineer in Jun/Jul 1982. I have a barely legible copy of part 2 that was in issue 3684 so I’m guessing part 1 is in 3682 so if anyone can help with a copy of...
  8. ruzzie

    Cygnet Royal 3 Cylinder Steam Engine

    Hi All I have spent about 10yrs on my 3" test boiler which appeared in Model Engineering a few years back and have it 98% finished I just need to clad it. So now that I have steam available I was eager to try my Cygnet Royal engine out which was also in ME a while ago. Having run the engine only...
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