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  1. Theclockworks

    Stainless steel

    How do I stop stainless steel work hardening?
  2. Theclockworks


    had a problem with one of my DRO's ,I want to thank Ian from ARKEUROTRADE for his help ,first he rang back when they said he would wich a lot of company's don't do ,second after a two minute chat he is sending me a new unit out with out any quibbling true customers service. Thank you IAN. :)
  3. Theclockworks

    What is this

    Had this kicking around in my toolbox for years,I believe it comes from the Raleigh works in Nottingham any ideas guy?
  4. Theclockworks


    Coming along nicely the miniature Beam Engine Number 24
  5. Theclockworks

    What a friendly site this is

    I'am going to share a private message sent to me by a member on what I thought to be a friendly helpful form. This guy does not no me from Adam why pm me ,for his information I to have served my country 3 tours of Northern Ireland with The RA I'am also disabled and I am not a time served...
  6. Theclockworks

    Ball turning

    Anybody tried a ball turning attachment on a mini lathe looking at this
  7. Theclockworks

    A strip in the bedroom

    Thought that would get your attention,having a spring clean the other day in workshop/bedroom (which is quite convenient at 2 pm when you can't sleep you can make a few chips)I found the brass jib strips that arrived from Ark Euro Trade 6 months ago ,so decided it was time I fitted them twenty...
  8. Theclockworks

    Tin of castings

    Found these castings the other day when looking for something else can anyone tell me what they for.i think they came from Reeves about 20 years ago.
  9. Theclockworks

    Trojan 20 year project

    Had these castings tucked away for 20 years, decided to get my finger out and make a start. To be fare to myself I have not had a workshop for ten years so every thing got put in to store. So after several house moves and retirement due to illness time to make a start. Any advice on the Trojan...
  10. Theclockworks

    Trojan plans

    Happy new year to all. I purchased the castings and drawings some 20 years ago for the Trojan From reeves ,I have found the castings well they found me when looking for something else but after numerous house moves and a failed marriage I can not find the drawings so if there is any kind person...
  11. Theclockworks

    Mini Mill Depth gauge

    Need to do some accurate depth drilling so I knocked this up this morning