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  1. Gordon

    Exhaust valve timing

    I am working on a hit and miss engine from an existing design. Plans call for the exhaust valve to begin opening at 25° BBDC and close at TDC. I cannot seem to attain both of these so should I compromise the BBDC or the TDC? In other words should I make the begin to open at BDC so that it closes...
  2. Gordon

    Perkins 1/4 scale hit and miss

    I have been building three 1/4 scale Perkins hit and miss engines. Apparently I am missing something and I cannot nail it down. The cam is only giving me about 1/32" of travel. This makes a very short exhaust stroke and a very touchy governor. That only gives an open exhaust valve from 0° BDC to...
  3. Gordon


    I just want to express how thankful I am and I am sure most others are also that we have a home work shop where we can still go to the shop and build a new project, tweak an old project or just fool around. All of us would have obtained more raw stock if we had known what was ahead but we...
  4. Gordon

    Split bushings

    When making split bronze bushings is there a way to make them other than making two and machining half of the bushing away? If I make one and split it there is a gap since the thinnest saw I have is .010 so there is a .020 gap. Am I missing something? Gordon
  5. Gordon

    Silver solder or braze

    I am making a crank shaft for a hit and miss engine. In the past I have machined the crank from solid. Many folks here seem to make the crank from individual pieces and silver solder the pieces together so I thought I would try it. My question is whether it is better to silver solder or braze. I...
  6. Gordon

    Ignition module

    Has anyone tried the Banggood ignition module? They have an ignition module for $21.07. I am a little suspicious because they say it is for a hit and miss sterling engine. Does it work? Price is certainly good if it works.
  7. Gordon

    Software in the cloud

    Perhaps I am over reacting but I am concerned about all of the software operating in the cloud instead of on my computer. Recently I have been playing around with Fusion 360 and have a pretty good start. I am concerned because recently there has been a scare, apparently false, that Autodesk was...
  8. Gordon

    Spark plug connector

    Has anyone found a source for a spade connector for CM 6 spark plugs. There are hundreds of connectors made for wire termination which are only a few cents per piece but I have not found one which fits the CM 6 plug. S&S offers a connector but at $2.50 each they get a little expensive and every...
  9. Gordon

    Snow engine thoughts

    A couple of years ago I built a Snow engine and had it running fairly well. Recently I have been going back to past builds and trying to get them to run better. The Snow had rather poor compression after setting so I ended up making some new rings and trying some other things. When I put...
  10. Gordon

    22 mm push buttons

    I have three of my machines set up with VFD and I have used 22 mm push buttons and rotary switches. The problem is that the rotary switches tend to move over time. I know that there are locking washers available with tabs to prevent the rotation in the enclosure. I cannot seem to find a source...
  11. Gordon

    Precision cross feed setting

    How do you set the lathe cross feed to a precise angle? Seem like after all this time I would have figured out the correct method. I have to machine a long valve seat and the mating valve to a precise 45° angle. Eyeballing it obviously is not the correct method. The problem is that for one piece...
  12. Gordon

    Lunkenheimer mixer

    Has anyone had experience with a Lunkenheimer mixer? I have two Breisch Olds engines with this mixer/carburetor. One my dad built in 1981 and one I built in 2005. The one my dad built has always started easily but I just got out the one that I built and I am having trouble with keeping it...
  13. Gordon

    Hard firing

    I seem to have a problem with hard firing on several of the engines I have built. I look at You Tube videos and videos on this and other sites and many of them show the same engine firing with a gentle firing when my engines seem to fire with a loud explosion. I have tried advanced and retarded...
  14. Gordon

    Carburetor question again

    I have been working on a carburetor again. I am using basically the Duclos design. I am having a problem with the engine running for 10-15 seconds and then dying. It is running our of fuel. My question is what should I be changing? I have been trying bigger and smaller throat diameter. What I...
  15. Gordon


    I am building an Atkinson Differential engine and I am having a problem getting enough compression to run. I have made several pistons and rings. I have made rings using the Trimble method and been very careful to use the method and hold tolerances. When the pistons move to the right to the...
  16. Gordon

    Loctite or JB Weld

    I am in the process of inserting a combustion cylinder into a mounting base block. This is for an Adkinson Differential engine. I will be installing a 1.2" OD x 1.125 ID x 5 3/4 lg DOM tube into a 2" x 1 3/4" x 3 1/4 long block. Intake, exhaust and spark plug ports are through the block and into...
  17. Gordon

    Leak around spark plug

    After getting frustrated on my Atkinson Differential build I decided to set it aside for a while and get back to the Howell V2 I finished about a year ago. It ran but not well. Problem as usual is compression. I found some leaks around the valve seats and some head gasket problems where the...
  18. Gordon

    VFD Wiring

    I decided to give a VFD a try on my lathe so I ordered a VFD and I am unsure about the wiring. I understand the basic power in and power out and operation from the built in control panel. My question is on the wiring of external control. I am thinking a forward, reverse and stop button. Also a...
  19. Gordon

    Cad and animation

    I am looking for recommendations for CAD and animation. I have been using a 2D CAD program for 20+ years. I use Visual Cadd and started back when it was Generic Cadd. I usually redraw any engine project in CAD before I start so that I understand it and find errors. I have looked at and played...
  20. Gordon


    What am I doing wrong? When I want to quote a previous reply I click on the quote tab but it does not bring a quote of that reply into my reply. Others are doing it so it must be me. The only thing I can find to do is to cut and paste but that is not how others do it. I obviously am missing a...