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  1. Barnbikes

    Desk top power hammer

    Ok I know it is silly but I really want to build one just for fun.
  2. Barnbikes

    Horizontal mill ID?

    Can anybody ID the make of this mill? Guy wants to sell it to me but does not know the maker. Was looking for a vertical mill but was offered this.
  3. Barnbikes

    A challenge

    I love old patents. Anybody want to try and build this one?
  4. Barnbikes

    Flywheels size

    Is there a formula for figuring out Cylinder to flywheels size? Looking at making a modified version of this patent.
  5. Barnbikes

    Anybody in MN, USA

    Project steam engines on an online auction that ends 8/17/17.
  6. Barnbikes

    Magneto power?

    In your opinion would a standard 4 cyl. tractor magneto fire 2 plugs per hole? Want to build a v8 but can not find a 8 cyl. magneto.
  7. Barnbikes

    Car engine (airplane?)

    Have had this picture for a while and curious if anybody knows what make it is? Looks like the crankcase is end plates with tin riveted to the bottom. Had someone on an other site suggest it is actually an airplane engine.
  8. Barnbikes

    How to make a key way?

    How does one cut a key way with out using a broach? the only way I can think of is drill a hole and file it square. Is there a easier way? I have a pile of pulleys and flywheels off various items but none of them are keyed. Thanks, Jon
  9. Barnbikes

    Rupnow Klockwork and Jacob ladder projects

    So I decided to try and build these two projects. Being a sheet metal guy I cut them on a laser and will ream the holes on the mill. My question is: The only aluminum drop material I had available to me was some stuff that was scratched up. So I sanded the parts but am curious what...
  10. Barnbikes

    Can anybody ID this lathe

    Saw this for sale locally. Looks interesting.
  11. Barnbikes

    Home made foundry question

    I want to build a small foundry with my 2 oldest sons. My intent is to melt aluminum and occasional brass (bullet cases). I was thinking of using a clay chimney liner as my inner chamber,Steel pail as my outer form and sand/plaster paris as my filler between the 2. It would have a 2-3 layer...
  12. Barnbikes

    Air compressor oil?

    Just picked up a 5hp 22 gallon China made air compressor. The guy got rid of it because it took forever to fill up. In fact the thing vibrated most of the fittings loose and that is why it takes so long. Anyways I want to give it an oil change after I pull the head to check the valves. What oil...
  13. Barnbikes

    Free parts idea

    Was stealing an electric motor and foot control off of a sewing machine I got for free for my tiny drill press and decided to turn it over to see all the parts. Wow was I amazed - crankshafts and connecting rods everywhere. Not sure what all the bushings are made of yet but the must be good...
  14. Barnbikes

    Cam lift

    Have been looking at this engine lately. Cam looks like it should have a narrower lift on it. What is your opinion?
  15. Barnbikes

    need guidance

    Have a pulley off of a old grain cleaner that I want to use as a flywheel for a Rider - Ericsson type pump engine. It it is about 20" diameter and and about .750" wide. I plan on grinding the teeth off. It is not very heavy. I would put a .250" rim on it but do not have access to a...
  16. Barnbikes

    Ford x-8 engine

    Has anybody ever built a model of a Ford x-8 engine? Saw a picture of one this morning and it looks unique. I would probably make the cylinder, head and valve cages as separate pieces but that is just me.
  17. Barnbikes

    How does this run?

    Looks cool but how can it run? Doesn't it have pressure at both sides of the piston. I do not see a valve box.
  18. Barnbikes

    Weekend project idea

    Saw this on a surplus website for sale. Can not believe they would charge $27 for it. Might be cool to have it on the table at the next engine show. Next challenge would be how small could you make it?
  19. Barnbikes

    Paper engines in case you boys get bored

    Balloon powered.
  20. Barnbikes

    Piston trip igniters

    Has anybody built a model engine with piston trip igniter? Was looking at an old Patent drawing and the engine had this on it. I understand the concept of less moving parts but it puts ignition after TDC. Can't believe the engine would run very well.