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  1. Jack

    Ray Hasbrouck Steam Engine

    A few weeks ago I asked about scaling down a set of plans, well I have been working on a Ray Hasbrouck #10 steam engine which is actually for a full size boat. This thing is huge 2 1/4" bore and a 3" stroke and it is about 18" high. Well I'm not into boats of any size so I decided to build it...
  2. Jack

    I Broke a Tap

    This afternoon after spending the best part of a day making one of the pieces for my new project. Squaring up the piece, getting it to the right thickness, drilling seventeen holes and milling two pockets and then taping about twelve holes (2 5/40 and 4 4/40 threads) I broke the 4-40 tap on the...
  3. Jack

    Scaling Plans up or down

    I have a question about a set of plans that I have. The model appears to be a little big so I was wondering if I wanted to make the model smaller, say half size, can I just cut all the measurements in half or is there some magic way of doing this? Is there something that I am over looking? I...
  4. Jack

    Getting the new Bridgeport into the Basement

    Finally got the new (to me) Bridgeport home the other day after taking it all apart and cleaning it, it was time to get it into the basement shop. I took several pics but I haven't had time to go through them so I will show how we got the big base piece approx. 710 lbs. down the hill and into...
  5. Jack

    My New Drill Press

    I have been taking things slow lately but I am back in the shop again and I am working on finally getting a decent drill press. Since I don't like to lift heavy old iron anymore, I decided to get a new one. It should be operational in a few weeks. I just have to make a few more of the parts...
  6. Jack

    Finished Vise Project

    Hello Everyone After seeing several post about a little vise, I thought that I might like to try one. Well I have been working on it for about a month while moving my new surface grinder and shaper into the basement shop. Here a couple of before and after pictures, I am very happy with the way...
  7. Jack

    Surface Grinder and Shaper

    Today I went to visit an old friends shop, well his daughter who is now in charge said that if I wanted these I could have them for a very reasonable price, she said that her dad would have probably just given them to me but she has bills to pay just like the rest of us. I will go back to get...
  8. Jack

    Show in La Grange, Illinois

    Does anyone know about or have any information about an engine show to be held in La Grange Illinois on September 11, 2010? It would be an easy drive for me to be able to show off some of my handiwork but I can't find any information about this show. Any and all help would be appreciated. Jack
  9. Jack

    Gade Hit & Miss Engine

    This is a photo of my progress so far on the Gade Engine Casting set that I picked up at the NAMES show. So far the castings have been a delight to machine. I will post more photos of some of the smaller pieces when they come back from the chrome platers, no more drab, old painted projects for...
  10. Jack

    P M Research Lathe

    I have been taking things easy lately, but I have started another project a week or so ago. Although it is not an engine or motor, been there done that... it could be used to make a small engine, when I finish building it. It is a "Doll House Scale" Lathe from a casting kit offered by P.M...
  11. Jack

    Plans or Ideas Wanted or Needed

    I am looking for the plans or some suggestions on how to make a ball in a cage. I know that I have seen it somewhere but I can't seem to find anything on it at the moment. If I remember correctly it was about 4" long and about 2" on the other two sides and all that is left is the four corner...
  12. Jack

    Counter Clockwise Spindle

    I am trying to setup my new CNC version of my mill and one of the parameters is to turn on the spindle in counter clockwise direction.
  13. Jack

    Can't get my Gecko 540 out of FAULT MODE

    I have the 540 installed Jack
  14. Jack

    Wanting to get started in CNC

    If a guy wanted to get into cnc
  15. Jack

    Farm Boy #53

    Hi Everyone As some of you know I have been working on Jerry Howells "Farm Boy" IC engine for the last several months. Well I finally got it to run so I thought that I would try to post a video. Thanks Jack
  16. Jack

    Hit and Miss Engine Model

  17. Jack

    Coolant System on Mill

    What is the consensus on using a coolant system on a mill in the hobby shop setting? Is one needed, is it worth it, does it make a big mess? Does anyone have one rigged up (home made or store bought)? I have heard that the mist type just make a such a fog in the shop that after awhile you can...
  18. Jack

    Help finding Plans

    Hi All I have this engine that was made by my brother in high school machine shop class back in 1961-62. I know that it's tired and missing a few pieces. Well I seem to remember this engine or its plans being posted by someone a few months ago, well I have searched and searched the Popular...
  19. Jack

    Good Day in the Shop

    Hi Everyone Today I started out by going to the metal dealer to get some 1 1/2" square brass for the cylinder for my Fan Project even though I bought 3 times more than I needed, (Good Insurance). I proceeded to mounted it in the 4 jaw and turned the 2" length to 1" diameter then cut the 10 .093...
  20. Jack

    Mini Mill and 9x20 Lathe For Sale

    After using my new mill and lathe for over a year and being quite satisfied with them I would like to sell the mini mill and Harbor Frieght 9x20 lathe that I started with. They have all the bugs worked out of them and they include everything plus a few other goodies. Since I don't do the Ebay...