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    R-8 spindle cleaner

    My mill has an R-8 spindle. Yesterday I had trouble removing an end mill holder. Tried tapping the bolt with a dead blow hammer as I usually do. After about 6 or 7 blows I went and got an 8lb sledge hammer. I gently tapped the bolt and the holder dropped down. I assumed the problem was with the...
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    Drilling and tapping carriage for rear tool post

    I am making a rear mounted tool post. I will have to bore holes in the carriage for 1/4-20 cap screws. I am wondering if cobalt drills or even HSS drills will work. Also , will HSS endmills work for a counterbore. Only 4 holes are needed. I will start with #6 drill and try to tap the hole. mike
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    broken saddle lock screw

    Today I broke the screw that locks the saddle to the bed. The lathe is 10x22 G0602 .The screw is probably cross threaded. I'm afraid I'll have to remove the clamp to back out the screw. The top of the screw is broken about 1/8" below the saddle. I am not sure how to remove the saddle clamp. I...
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    steam dome base on A-3 switcher 3/4 scale

    I have Kozo's A-3 Switcher but cannot read all of the dimensions for the steam dome base. This on page 135 that is the fold out page. The steam dome base is in the crease and some of the dimensions are obliterated. Could someone post the image or even a sketch for me. I built the locomotive...
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    super glue

    I always had problems re-using a partial tube of super glue . By accident I discovered a remedy. After squeezing out some glue I remove the nozzle. Then blow the nozzle out into a waste can or rag with compressed air. This clears the nozzle, then replace it and the cap too. Now I get to use...
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    drawing symbols

    I am making the Grasshopper engine. The drawings have unusual symbols that at first thought were sections or details. They are letters, SC,P,B etc. I tried googling "machine drawings" but could not find any info like these symbols. One particular symbol "B" is shown at the crankshaft where the...
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    member banned

    Tim. A fellow by the name of Don Conner apparently was banned without ever posting. I think he said he just joined lately. He asked for help on a another machist forum, 7x12 or maybe 10x22. Don't recall as I am a member of both. Could you look into this , probably just a mistake. mike