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    Looking to buy small milling machine

    Hi zillerfish, have a look at Amadeal - AMADEAL Ltd. They're in east London, so not far from Kent and not too far from the Olympic park. They have a nice selection you can go and have a butchers at.
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    Mach4 g-code help

    Try using "U" instead of "X" for an incremental movement. Eg. G0 U-.063 instead of X-.063.
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    Glow plug thread info.

    Looks like a 55 degree thread after a quick Google
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    CNC controller

    I design in Solidworks, program in FeatureCam using Emco post processor and use either GRBLpanel or Candle to run the code (PM Me for more info). Arcs are no problem, both controllers support GO2/3 circular interpolation and you'll get even smoother arcs if you use micro steps and gear down the...
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    CNC controller

    I built a 3 Axis Mill/Router using an Arduino Mega256 with CNC shield V3 and Nema 17 steppers. I geared the steppers down 3:1 to give me a bit more torque. I use GrblPanel to control it on a Windows 10 PC. Cheap, Cheerful and Easy. I also set up an Ad-Hoc 4th Axis that uses the X Axis signals...
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    Uni-Screw driver bit
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    Hello from Hertfordshire

    Hi Pat and welcome. Where in Hertfordshire are you? I'm in West Herts.
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    CAMBIELA engine

    Quote - "This way, in half of the cycle each gear has to have a free wheel situation; that is achieved with a set of teeth that lock each gear only in one direction" Use a spragg/one way bearing. The ratchet mechanism you've drawn and described will wear and fail pretty quickly.
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    Small Linear Actuator

    An old motorised Satellite dish would be a good source for a DC linear actuator. It must be an old one though, as modern set-ups use a Horizontal polar mount with a DiSeq controlled rotary actuator.
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    creating v-belt sheave angles using Onshape

    It might only be giving radii dimensions as your drawing has a cut out/section view so there are no full circles from which the software can derive a diameter. Solidworks is the same. It needs a full circle for diameters. If even the smallest part has been cut away, it will only give you radii.
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    Galling on a steam engine

    Could be bent crankpin, poor alignment or possibly hydraulic lock if the piston is covering the exhaust port at TDC. But i think the bent crankpin is most likley from what you describe.
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    Plastic for Threading.

    Depends on the application, but Delrin (Polyacetal) is a pretty safe choice. It machines well, with very little tearing/hairs, and is pretty hard as plastics go. If you need a tight thread with low friction, use Teflon (PTFE), but it's quite soft, deforms easily, and can be tricky to get a...
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    Need to drill a long hole..

    Gun Drilling is the name of the process used for deep hole drilling, not solely for Gun barrels! It is the most common way of producing deep, accurately sized, straight holes. That's why the method was developed. Apparently we can drill a 1.2mm hole 100mm deep in Inconell 725 , according to...
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    Need to drill a long hole..

    I work for a gun drilling company and although possible to drill the hole, it would be unlikely to run perfectly true. We would normally use massively oversize stock, drill and hone the stock then true up between centres on the lathes before final machining.
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    Duke engines

    I think the bearings mentioned at the 3:07 mark are on a bench stand and not a part of the engine. A stand like that would allow easy rotation of the cylindrical engine so as to be able to work on all sides without any man-handling. If you look through the right hand cylinder there is an...
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    Want to make a tapered reamer

    1st thing is you've drawn a left hand cutter, maybe on purpose, maybe not. To cut clearance, simply over rotate the part 10 degrees or so from when you've cut the flute, lower the quill or raise the knee (don't know how big your mill is) and take a pass with an end mill along the edge of the...
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    mill lathe and shed (in progress)

    And i've worked in a few!
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    Inconel for Cylinder Liners

    That's why I was asking if anyone had tried it. People on here have access to, and try all kinds of metals in there work etc, like i do. Theres always the scrap bin!
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    Inconel for Cylinder Liners
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    Inconel for Cylinder Liners

    I don't have to buy any. I can get it from work for free. With a Pre finished precision bore. I also machine the stuff, and worse, so know exactly how it machines. Like any Nickel based alloy, it's fine with the right tooling, speeds and feeds, and of course, a bloody great big CNC lathe! As far...