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  1. metalmad

    Hello from Australia

    Gday Johno How ya Going Mate Pete
  2. metalmad

    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Hi Terry Best wishes Mate! Pete
  3. metalmad


    Hi Jordan Glad to see you back on this. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Pete
  4. metalmad

    Video of John Ramm's Merlin Running!

    It really is Awesome Work. Pete
  5. metalmad

    Sad News

    I received a Email today to the effect that Dave G has passed away. Some of you may remember he designed my Rattler, a unique Gearless Hit and Miss single that remains the best running Engine in my collection. A Father, Grandfather and Builder of Wonderful, wonderful things. He will be Missed. Pete
  6. metalmad

    My projecet (howll's v4)

    Looking really lovely Les I could say the Block is fantastic but the Heads are just as nice Thm: Pete
  7. metalmad

    Olds Hit Miss half scale

    lovely Engine! Nice touch with the fuel line too Thm: Pete
  8. metalmad

    Down, but not Out

    Hi Ron you have left the rest of us a outstanding legacy. I'm at the same time sad and relieved that what you have built will be preserved. Pete
  9. metalmad

    Canadianhorsepower's build of Rupnow engine

    Hi Luc Just keep plugging away at it Buddy. Its not a race or contest. Do a bit when you feel up to it Thm: Pete
  10. metalmad

    Mini Blown V8

    Hi Jgilmoreco Your Engine is looking great. May I ask a question. What helical gears did you use for the Magnetos? So far I am stumpted as to what I can use even though I only have the single dizzy. Pete
  11. metalmad


    Hi Tom I have not heard from him for a while but "Dave G" intended to sell the "Rattler" plans. One thing that has always impressed me about this Engine is how easy it starts and runs. Its uniqueness is another big plus. It has a sound like nothing else Ive ever seen, give him a yell, its a nice...
  12. metalmad


    Hi Mat After the Rattler was done, I had problems with Yahoo and Flickr, as a result I am unable to maintain my "sows ear" and "Rattler" builds from Flickr but I will either see if I can find some videos or make another one soon. The "Rattler" remains one of my favorite Engines and to the best...
  13. metalmad

    A V8 Maybe

    Hi Ross Have you looked at your profile lately? radial1951 Gift Premium Subscription To radial1951 I may well be completely wrong about this, and it does seem very generous to me but what happens next year? Thanks Ausdier At least I knew what I meant anyway, communication is not exactly my...
  14. metalmad

    A V8 Maybe

    Hi Guys The V8 is still creeping along, I cast the Bellhousing the other day and am working on the Sparkplugs now. I have not posted here as the whole 'free gift membership' thing bothers me, Things like that run out and I'm simply not in a position to pay to see my own builds in the future. Baz...
  15. metalmad

    First efforts of a UK newbie

    Hi Swesson Keep it coming buddy one little bit at a time! Pete
  16. metalmad

    ARTOR first engine // 2-stroke 30cc.

    Hi Arifidyan Loving your build so far, your casting is far better then mine :cool: Pete
  17. metalmad

    Gus's Rupnow Hit and Miss Engine.

    Hi Gus congrats on the new runner although I have not seen the video yet, looking real good! Pete
  18. metalmad

    v8 shillings

    Hi Tasos Love your work Buddy, very very nice :cool: Pete
  19. metalmad

    Challenger V8 Parts Assistance

    Hi Smash Nice set of Castings and yes they are the "Black widow" which is what my "V8 maybe" is inspired by. The timing gears are 32DP 30 and 60 teeth, I used the free program "geotic motion" to work out from the center to center what to use. my Crank , Cam, and timing gears are already...
  20. metalmad

    Swifty's build of Rupnow engine.

    Top Job swifty She's a sweetheart :cool: Pete