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  1. Zeb

    Parametric Model Steam Engine Generator - Rhino 3D

    Hello all, I have several steam engine projects that I want to do, but I don't want to re-design everything several times over to get things to scale right. Scaling timing, porting, and throw is never linear either, so it's hard to keep track sometimes. Below is something I've thrown together...
  2. Zeb

    Southern Pacific Daylight Video Reference

    Hello all, I'm hoping to (someday) build a live steam Daylight. References have been difficult to gather, so I took a trip to get some video. This is raw video without sound (out of focus in places, yee be warned!). Hope a fellow modeler might find it useful.
  3. Zeb

    Power threading fasteners on the Sherline lathe

    Just a brief video of a run of screws that I did for my steam engine by inverting the Sherline lathe gear attachment set. I wouldn't recommend this if you are forgetful (I like checklists) or might mix the speed control for a water faucet during a panic! The application is quite small and light...
  4. Zeb

    Hello from the inland northwest

    Hello all, I've spent some time in the past as a toolmaker (below) and have done some aircraft/rotorcraft stuff. I've been getting into garden railroading recently and am working on a G-Scale-ish live steam yarder to pull sticks around in the yard. Looking forward to interacting here! Regards...