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    The restauration of a Nova 1 4,5 cc model diesel long stroke engine

    I made a original specs propeller for my Nova :) It is quite a big spoon to spin
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    Show off your HMEM stickers!

    I have one on the wall behind my benchtop mill
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    Aero Engine

    Who made that kit back in the days? Do you have any pictures. Interesting topic the P&W wasp Jr. It is like 75cc in 1/6 scale?
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    The restauration of a Nova 1 4,5 cc model diesel long stroke engine

    Hello Gerard, How did it go with the engine? Did you manage to restore the old Nova-1? It is a really sweet running and docile design. I built one last spring and like it a lot: regards Ollie
  5. Nova-1 model diesel engine first run 02052021

    Nova-1 model diesel engine first run 02052021

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    Model Engine Gas Tanks and Caps

    Beautiful tanks! Definately going to give tank making a try. Little hard to find thin walled brass tuging. I did order from china 30mm tube with 1mm wall but it will take some time to arrive again... I found one local supplier that has 30mm tube with 1,5mm wall, guess I could thin that out on a...
  7. Boll Aero 18 project

    Boll Aero 18 project

    Photos and video of my first model engine build.
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    Emco Maximat Super 11 w/mill

    wow, I had not seen a maximat super 11 clone before. It seems that south bend version has metric and inch dials and huge spindle bore. Also 3-phase motor with vfd allready installed is a huge plus. Also bigger MT spindle in the spindle and in the tailstock than the original had. Doesn't sound...
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    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    Hello Rodrigo! Nice to see you here aswell. You seem to have exactly same interests as I do, thats cool. My father and brother are also quite good guitarists and also like to build instruments as a hobby but for some reason i have not gotten into that. But I will also try my wings as a...