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    new broke machinist building an entire shop ground up!

    Hey G.Jones,, Sorry for your troubles, but seems like you are taking a "best I can do!!" attitude. Good for you !! One comment on a bit of what you wrote. My first "surface plate", was derived from a discussion of this type many many years ago, where a 24" square of 1/2" float plate glass was...
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    New Shop layout - advice sought

    Hey Tamey, just a few comments. You will eventually have some item to be milled that is waaaayyy too long for the table, so keep one end having "free space" for projection. Same for the will often have a piece extending beyond the spindle, or at least have some need to get at the...
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    Centring in a 4-Jaw Chuck

    Hey again, If this was directed to my submission, I think I may have misled you. My 4 jaw chuck with scroll has INDEPENDENT ADJUSTMENT OF THE FOUR JAWS, and the scroll feature merely allows release and re-place new stock super quick. Where zero "runout" is required I usually do a DTI check to...
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    Centring in a 4-Jaw Chuck

    I just use my 4-Jaw SCROLL chuck for more than one offs. Works a treat. Brian Lawson
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    Getting away from the "air stories" for now and back to the splinter question. I can't help much with how to avoid them other than luck or don't "DO" anything. I had a metal sliver in my thumd and went to the plant nurse, and she used an Exacto knife (sorry, it was YEARS ago) in the area I was...
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    Shipping US to Canada

    Hey Steve, One comment, one suggestion. 1/2 You may recall my story about bringing some stuff for a club member INTO the USA, and I told the US Customs/Immigration officer that the "stuff" had No Value. He kinda went a bit nutsy, showed me his work shoe, and pointed to that little plastic...
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    N.A.M.E.S. Expo 2019

    Hey dsage, OK. I didn't want to get into anything if you were going via either Sarnia or the Windsor Tunnel. If you have any worries or unhappy thoughts about I-75, you could take W. Jefferson or often called Jefferson W. It's about the same time, and very close to the same distance, much less...
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    N.A.M.E.S. Expo 2019

    Are you entering the USA at Port Huron or the Windsor/Detroit Tunnel or the Ambassador Bridge?
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    3X Sparkplug 4X Size

    Hey Steve, I once made a Tesla coil to generate a Jacob's Ladder effect. I just happened to have an old "neon sign display" transformer, which should be available second hand. It had a 120 VAC primary and a 50KV secondary. I used the secondary as the primary for the Tesla windings. Wiped out...
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    Corian for spark plugs

    Hey Steve, Your note didn't make it clear as to what occurred or meant when you "dropped it". As I recall, it was so small that it wouldn't have had enough energy from gravitational pull to actually "break" if it hit the floor unless you then stepped on it. So I for one am going to suggest...
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    Error Reporting Guidelines

    Hey Ken, Question...What specifically is the "caliper" prime use? Nice file, except blue on black background is tough for this old guy to "see". And if you didn't get .DWG file viewing previously, and I certainly can now, what about the newer standard .DXF for AutoCCD files? Thanks. Brian...
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    How to calculate for single to three phase

    I can't comment on the VFD required in the UK, but I'm pretty darn sure that in order to make proper use of that expensive two-speed motor and using that option, you will need to have two contactors (relays) that are both electrically, and also preferably mechanically, interconnected. The...
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    Import Lathe Contactor Questions 12x37

    One thing that has not been mentioned, in either this thread or in the other recent thread, has to do with any common FWD-REV contactors/relays is that they generally will have an NC (normally closed contact) in series with the "opposite direction" contactor. That is, each has a "back contact"...
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    What's it worth?

    Before CNC, a turntable and a dividing head were tools a shop couldn't get along without at least one, often one per mill (or drill-press). When CNC grew up and became today's standard/common machine in a shop, the need for turntables and dividing heads went out-of-fashion, or at least were...
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    Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

    Ron and his son (who is doing the selling) were at NAMES in late April this year, so don't give up. I will see if I can find a "good" contact and post it here, as there seems to be others also interested. Take care. Good luck. Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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    N.A.M.E.S. 2013 And historic boiler and steam course

    Hey Dave, Most steam stuff will also operate on compressed air. There are air-lines supplied by NAMES at all the exhibitors tables of course. Maybe the "steam-boat" flotilla could use compressed air for the boats too, maybe come up with a way to use the CO2 cartridges so popular with...