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    Poll: Shop Accidents

    dradi, that doesn't sound like much fun! It is funny, the Dremel tool is pretty small but can cause a severe injury if not respected! BTW Welcome to HMEM! Please introduce yourself in the Welcome Area and tell us a little about yourself.
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    Hello from Denmark

    Holt, welcome to HMEM. Please make yourself at home!
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    G'day from Australia

    Mat, welcome to HMEM!
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    hello everyone

    kanvelchoudhary, welcome the HMEM! We are glad to have you with us!
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    Cutting stock

    I have cut aluminum plate with a circular saw and carbide tipped blade before. It doesn't make the prettiest cut, but it gets it done. Just pay attention to the saw and don't overheat the motor. For steel, you can use an abrasive blade in a circular saw as well. On sheet metal, a wood blade can...
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    American LaFrance Steam Fire Pumper

    Larry, welcome to HMEM! Very nice pumper you have there. Looking forward to seeing this one come along!
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    The journey toward CNC

    Jim, thanks for the info. Great food for thought! Ron, that program sounds like an awesome opportunity. It probably won't work out for me, but when it is announced I'll take a good close look at jumping in. Thanks for the info on the differences between the stepper and servo motors. I hadn't...
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    How to make your big lathe little

    Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully this will help someone out of a jamb someday. Excellent point! Disconnect the power before mounting your tool of choice in the chuck! I did!! Paul, I have been trying to figure that out myself. If you put water on a plant, it grows. I tried that, and my...
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    The journey toward CNC

    The CNC option intrigues me. I see many instances where it can be an effective tool to aid in making things in the shop. In other words, I think the benefits outweigh the costs for my needs and purposes. In addition, I am the type that is a hands on learner. Putting together a CNC system and...
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    Fire in the shop

    Ron, The main thing is that everyone is okay. At the end of the day, health and humans are the only irreplaceable objects we have! Workplace safety certainly applies at home just as much, and sometimes more than it does a t work. Over the years, I have known (or known of) quite a few folks...
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    Crusader .60s (x2)

    It is the camera angle. The crankshaft protrudes about .750 from the snout of the crankcase. It does look a little short in that image, though! I think the primer concept is lost on kiddo. I thought that making it a rat rod would be real cool myself! His car probably has turned out better...
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    Want to learn something? - Let the kiddos in the shop

    Thanks for the kind words guys! The kid has a mechanical mind, and I am thrilled that he has decided to inquire about the machining to the detail he has. Mrs. Wareagle told me this morning that she had to take his drawing away from him last night so he would go to sleep. It won't be a whole lot...
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    Want to learn something? - Let the kiddos in the shop

    My little boy has been my shadow ever since he started walking. That fact has made for some difficulties in working in the shop uninterrupted and unimpeded. But, that is just a part of being a dad. I enjoy every moment we share, and wished there was always more. With our weather that we have...
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    new addition to the shop

    Sexy! ;D Very nice band saw.
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    Crusader .60s (x2)

    So true! Folks do it everyday to push their agendas along! Slow progress has been made over the past couple of days. I am down to making just a few more pieces, then it is wrapping up the small stufff and final assembly. Lacking off the top of my head are the bypass cover, the exhaust...
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    How to make your big lathe little

    I had a project that required a small pin to be turned down slightly and polished. My Grizzly lathe (13x40) was a bit oversized for the job, and with a max spindle speed of 2000RPM, a bit slow for the task. Not having a micro lathe (or mini for that matter), I had to improvise. To accomplish...
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    16TPI vs 20TPI

    The 20TPI would be a bit more precise but would require a new dial as the others have said. If the 16TPI has been working for you, then why reinvent the wheel? My $.02 worth: I'd go 20TPI if they have the correct dials and they weren't stupidly expensive, otherwise I'd go 16TPI and never look...
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    How do you feel about using CNC?

    jpeter, nothing to sneeze at there! Nice looking flywheel! :bow:
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    Greetings from Bristol Connecticut

    Bill, welcome to HMEM! Glad to have you on board. The Ageless 9 cyl. Radial is on my list. I am slowing working up to that point, but it is a daunting commitment for me time wise. One day I will jump into it; after all I can only make one part at a time. ;)
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    How to post a picture.

    I am looking at it right now... The link appears to be hosed for some reason. It is taking me to a malicious site; firewall and virus programs were going nuts. Stand by. Success! There was in issue with the link. Drei, I am sending you a PM to explain what happened and how I fixed it.