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  1. littlelocos

    Thomas & Smith Hot Air Pumping Engine

    Nice video! I really like the slow-motion shots of the mechanism. Thanks!
  2. littlelocos

    a samll rortary table by g.h. thomas

    Sounds like we've flushed out the fact that the project is currently owned by a third party. Therefore it's time for the admin or poster to take down the items to help prevent the spread. I for one am glad to see that HMEM is a group that cares about this topic. Thank you, Todd.
  3. littlelocos

    New Engine Coming from Littlelocos

    Thanks Harry. My guess is that the guide and seat are not concentric. I'll need to make a small cutter to re-cut the seat using the valve guide. I will have a running water cooled engine though. That's also new for this year.
  4. littlelocos

    New Engine Coming from Littlelocos

    Sharing a photo of the air cooled prototype in its present form. Most likely will not be running at Cabin Fever. It looks like I have a leaky valve. I do not have time to correct and still get ready for the show. Should easily be running for NAMES. I do have a running water cooled version...
  5. littlelocos

    Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy"

    Great Job! Beautiful. It sounds like such a happy little engine. :)
  6. littlelocos

    New Engine Coming from Littlelocos

    Thanks! Enjoy the build and be sure to let me know if you run into any snags or have any questions. Glad to help any way I can. Todd.
  7. littlelocos

    New Engine Coming from Littlelocos

    Hello All, Just a short note to let you know that we intend to release an air cooled version of our 1/3-scale Parsell & Weed Hit and Miss engine kit at Cabin Fever 2020. Todd is currently working on finishing the horizontal prototype engine and hopes to have it running at the show. Here's a...
  8. littlelocos

    Thomas & Smith Hot Air Pumping Engine

    Hello Frazer, You're quite welcome. All the best, Todd.
  9. littlelocos

    Cabin Fever 2020

    Joy and I really enjoyed the boat pond. From a spectator standpoint, it is a nice place to rest and relax a bit. Maybe a smaller pond would fit the bill? See you at the show.
  10. littlelocos

    Thomas & Smith Hot Air Pumping Engine

    Paul Jacobs passed away December 2013. Todd & Joy Snouffer, aka Littlelocos Model Engineering purchased what remained after all of the better-known and larger engine projects were sold to a gentleman on the West Coast. To my knowledge, he is not actively selling casting kits or advertising...
  11. littlelocos

    Back at it. Lost pla cast iron ceramic shell

    @aonemarine Nice Job! Very well done video with lots of info. Thanks!
  12. littlelocos

    N.A.M.E.S. Expo 2019

    Joy and I are driving up Thursday and will be set up in our usual spot. See you at the show!
  13. littlelocos

    First Run for my Farm Boy S.N. 663

    Could listen to that all day! Thanks!
  14. littlelocos

    Trouble-shooting a new Stirling

    The (not so) secret sauce to my Stirling and Flame Licker engines is Kano Kroil from Kano Labs or Amazon. It stands up to the high heat, doesn't get gummy, and is considerably thinner than WD-40. Piston fit should be gas-tight with no drag. All mechanisms, joints, etc...
  15. littlelocos

    I'm generally confused, any help?

    Given the age of the engine, most-likely it would have had a simple "mixer" rather than a carburetor. Here's a link to a 1936 Popular Mechanics engine, The Midget. A mixer is a simple venturi and needle valve similar to the old control line airplane engines. Here's the link...
  16. littlelocos

    Essex Caloric Engine Build

    Ved, Sounds like a plan. I know I've set aside projects for a while, putting them into a "Thinking Stage." Thinking is good. If you're ever in my neck of the woods and want to spend an afternoon in the shop working on it, let me know. I'm happy to help. Todd.
  17. littlelocos

    Essex Caloric Engine Build

    Ved. You're probably not too far from having it running. Several things are a must - Zero drag on anything, timing, enough heat. The prototype took me about 7 months from "completion" to running; however, this included completely redesigning the displacer piston as a regenerator. At that...
  18. littlelocos

    Essex Caloric Engine Build

    Hello Ved, The video linked here should give you a good idea of the fit on mine. Also check for leaks around the displacer rod. I use Kroil as a lubricant in my Stirling and flame licker engines as it is super-thin; can take the heat; and doesn't gum up in storage. I use a dab of...
  19. littlelocos

    Essex Caloric Engine Build

    "There is an apparent leak at the bottom of the spout." Ved, Before resoldering, etc. check to make sure you didn't overfill the burner. The spout of the little tea pot is lower than the cap. If you fill it to the rim, fuel will run out of the spout, down the neck to its base. BTW, regarding...
  20. littlelocos

    Essex Caloric Engine Build

    Ved, Nice work! Great job on the work-around for the furnace. Todd. Todd Snouffer Littlelocos Model Engineering
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