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  1. J

    Spring Winder - Build your own springs

    I've been working on my Webster engine(more webster goodness) . I got thinking about the springs. Looked at McMaster Carr, some were close. Then I decided why not make my own. Ordered music wire from McMaster Carr. Tried making a couple of springs. Not so easy without a fixture. So here...
  2. J

    More Webster Goodness

    I know there has been a couple of Webster in progress here. Might as well have another. So, I started with the cylinder head. I used the mill for all the operations on the head. I debated whether to start with the cylinder or the head first. I wanted that snug fit for the cylinder into the...
  3. J


    Well, I've been here lurking in the forums for the past year. Lot of great information and awesome projects. Thanks to all the Posters who have done build threads and posted how they machine parts. Background: Close to retirement Computer Programming Manager. No training as a machinist...
  4. J

    WTB MiniMag Magneto

    I would prefer to buy the MiniMag Magneto in kit form, but might buy already assembled. Thanks, Jerry