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  1. RonGinger

    Cabin Fever 2020

    Its getting close to time for the next Cabin Fever Expo. Jan 17-19. Can you believe its almost 2020? I have been working on a model boat that I hope will be ready in time. I talked to Jared Schoenly about the boat pond. They are still trying to decide if its is worth the effort to install...
  2. RonGinger

    The CNC workshop 2016

    Plans are underway for the next CNC workshop, to again be at the TechShop in Allen Park Michigan, June 6-11. Everything about the facility seemed to work well last year, and we now have our website under control. It is time to start planning the sessions. The website is up and some basic...
  3. RonGinger

    Where is Gus?

    Gus has not posted since January 20. He thought he was just a day or two away from getting his V2 to run. I know he often goes fishing, but I don't think he has ever been away this long. I sure hope he is OK
  4. RonGinger

    Magnetized spindle on G0704 mill

    I have a Grizzly G0704 mill, which I think is an excellent machine. It has a nice large table, R8 spindle variable speed motor. But somehow the thing has become strongly magnetized- when I cut steel the chips cling to the tool. If I move off the work it will hold up a 1/2" long thread of chips...
  5. RonGinger

    Cabin Fever 2016

    It is only about 6 weeks now until Cabin Fever 2016. Remember it has returned to its original date in January. It has also moved to the Lebanon Valley Expo center. I talked to Gary the other day and he says there is plenty of room there, almost the same as at York. He will have all the usual...
  6. RonGinger

    Team CAD build

    There has been some mention here of the new CAD software that is web based and full 3D parametric. One of the major features they tout is its ability to share design work. Supposedly multiple people can work on a design and all see the results. How about we test this by team building some...
  7. RonGinger

    Underwater ROV

    A friend in town built an ROV a couple years ago that got me started thinking about building one as well. It seems like a perfect project for me- it requires a lot of building which I can use my CNC equipment for, and it will require some electronics and programming for control. And when its...
  8. RonGinger

    CNC Workshop 2015

    The CNC workshop will return in June of 2015. This is the continuation of the event started more than 10 years ago by Roland Friestad, then later run by DIGITAL MACHINIST magazine. This year the workshop will be held at the TechShop in Allen Park Michigan, between Detroit and Ann Arbor. the...
  9. RonGinger

    Forum Errors

    The forum software is supposed to remember where you are in a long topic and return you to the last read topic on a new visit. This seems now to work about half the time, others I get sent to the first entry. This is really annoying on some of the very long running topics. I am logged in to my...
  10. RonGinger

    Cirrus 4 cylinder and ST 9 pump

    Ok, I admit it, I will never get all my casting kits built so its time to sell some of them. I have just posted the Cirrus 4 Cylinder kit on ebay, item number 161088587768 I also listed a Stuart turner no 9 feed pump kit as number 161088583617 Ive still got more than I can ever build, but I...
  11. RonGinger

    Software for making Printed Circuit Boards

    I want to make a control panel for my Mach Mill. I have purchased some push buttons made for PCB mounting. Id like to use some software to design the board, and generate the g code to drill the holes and mill the traces. I'd like to use some cheap- or free- software to do this. I dont need the...
  12. RonGinger

    CNC Seminar Day at Cabin Fever

    Friday, April 12 will be CNC seminar day at Cabin Fever Expo. We will be having 3 seminar sessions during the day. These seminars are open to anyone that is registered for Cabin Fever. Registration is $10 and is good for all activities, the seminars, the auction and the show. No advance...
  13. RonGinger

    Gary is on TV!

    Gary Schoenly, the guy behind Cabin Fever, has been hired to host a new TV show. It some thing about finding old barns full of neat stuff and having an auction. A test run of the program is tonight, Dec 26 at 11:00 (I assume thats eastern time) running on The Animal Planet- see the schedule at...
  14. RonGinger

    NEMES Show, Feb 18

    Now that the topic has been raised I realize I should post some details. It is again time for the NEMES show- that is the New England Model Engineering Society. The show is Saturday, Feb 18th (it is always the 3rd saturday in Feb) at the Charles river Museum of Industry in Waltham MA. The...
  15. RonGinger

    Exhibiting at Cabin Fever

    I have recently seen a few questions, and misunderstandings about exhibiting at Cabin Fever, so I thought Id provide a few details. There are two kinds of guys behind the tables- exhibitors and vendors. Vendors pay, depending on their space, a couple hundred dollars. They must register ahead...
  16. RonGinger

    Win a KX1 mill at Cabin Fever Expo

    Its time to start thinking about Cabin Fever Expo, January 13-15, 2012 See This year we will be doing another seminar, with a raffle to win a KX1 milling machine from Little Machine Shop...
  17. RonGinger

    beam engine drawing in .dxf

    Has anyone posted a .dxf file for Gerrys beam engine? I'd like to build it and will cut the frame on my CNC mill. Its really only the side frame I need
  18. RonGinger

    IC engine valve troubles

    Many years ago I built a 4 cylinder engine, mostly following the PANTHER PUP design. I made it water cooled, so the block and head are completely my design. It eventually ran, but I had a tough time getting the valves to seal, and I dont think I ever got all 4 cylinders to fire. I ran it at...
  19. RonGinger

    Convert a mini mill at CNC workshop

    Ok, the details are mostly work out and the official announcement is on the HomeShop Machinist web site, see The short version is that we have made a group purchase deal with Little Machine Shop for 10 of their new high torque mini mills...
  20. RonGinger

    New England bus to Cabin Fever

    As they have now for several years the New England Model Engineering Society is planning a chartered bus from Boston to Cabin Fever. The bus will depart from the Riverside T station on rt 128 on Friday morning. They will make a couple pickup stops along the route, Mass Pike, I-84. This is open...