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  1. sition

    valve leak?

    Hi! Have you ever encountered an engine valve leak? My engine valve always leaks. It will leak after running in for a while. If the valve is lubricated, he will leak a little. 45 # steel was used for my valve and it was simply quenched. How can I solve this problem? Thank you
  2. sition

    Who knows where this in-line four-cylinder plan is?

    Thank you very much. Someone knows where this came from.
  3. sition

    Distributor interference 2.4G wireless

    Hello everyone! I made a distributor for my v4, and then I installed the V4 on the RC car. The distributor disturbed my receiver. How should I optimize it? Thank you
  4. sition

    Can Butane Be Used as Model Fuel

    If a gas fuel, such as butane, is used, what structure of throttle should he use? Has anyone tried it? Thank you
  5. sition

    Micro distributor leakage

    I made a distributor for my v4, only 20mm in diameter. When the distributor is not installed on the v4, it will not leak electricity. When the cylinder is under pressure, it will leak. The gap is about 0.1mm. What is the reason for this? I use the igniter of the motorcycle, it seems that the...
  6. sition

    my v4, How to make oil scraper ring?

    My V4 is 3.5cc. How can I make a scraper ring? Smoking is really annoying. Sorry I can't publish piston pictures.