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  1. TonyM

    Surface Carb advice

    I have been looking at a refined surface carb for small engines. It is specifically for my 1/3 Benz but would be suitable for any engine. I have tried to add a degree of control which is not easily done with the ''Jan Ridders'' version. The main problem is that there is limited control by...
  2. TonyM


    I just saw this and just had to show it on here. Fantastic work and the engine runs just beautifully.
  3. TonyM

    Draftsight going to pay only by year end.

    Draftsight decided a few months ago to not only to stop the free version but also disable any existing free versions at the end of 2019. I think they kept the decision out of the limelight until they had time to put a killer in an update. When it's purely paid for it will not make sense to...
  4. TonyM

    Wanted. Gardner O castings

    I am looking for any 1/2 scale Gardner O castings as made by Alyn foundry. Can be unfinished project or single casting. I may even take something damaged if repairable. Thanks TonyM
  5. TonyM

    Help with Gardner design

    Hi All Twenty or so years ago I found a Gardner 3F in a blacksmiths shop in Notting Hill of all places. I restored it and showed it at the usual meets including the Great Dorset steam fair for a couple of years. I would love to build a scale model as my next project but can't find enough...
  6. TonyM

    Something different

    North Bohemia, where I live in the Czech Republic, is famous for its glass works. I came across this guy who makes engines from glass. Unfortunately his website is only in Czech but google translate does a good job. Various engines are in the glass models...
  7. TonyM

    When an engineer makes a Scarecrow
  8. TonyM

    What Mill

    So I decide that a small mill of some sort is in order. The only choice I have is either an attachment to the Warco 240 or a small stand alone. I would be grateful for any insight into the pros and cons to help me make a decision.
  9. TonyM

    1/6 Marine engine

    Hi Everyone. I just joined recently. So a bit of background first. I am retired engineer living in the Czech Republic. A few years ago I decided to scratch build a steam launch based loosely on pic 1. It ended up looking like Pic 2, shown during early trials. The engine is a working engine...
  10. TonyM

    Hi from the Czech Republic

    Hi everyone. Just a quick hello to introduce myself. I am retired, living in the Czech Republic and currently building a 1/6 semi-scale marine engine based on the Hicks engine.