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  1. J

    broken screw

    I've used a carbide tipped scriber with success ( sometimes). Good to hear you got it out.
  2. J

    picked up a Paul Breisch Lil' Brother kit

    Thanks John. Looks good running :thumbup: Jeff
  3. J

    picked up a Paul Breisch Lil' Brother kit

    One of my co workers ( fellow machinist )had a Paul Breisch Lil' Bother casting kit he got over 30 years ago. He started on it but never finished. Looks like all he done was starting the flywheels, skimmed both ends of the cylinder and skimmed the base. I also have the nylon for the sparkplug...
  4. J

    Bonza hit and miss engine designed by John Williams

    I PM,d about a set of plans too. Thanks Cheers Jeff
  5. J

    Rough and Tumble, Kinzer, PA ?

    I'm about 15 miles south of Allentown and we got around 2" of snow. It's windy and 23* right now. ( 6:30 am )
  6. J

    Rough and Tumble, Kinzer, PA ?

    I'm just south of Allentown and we've only gotten a dusting of snow. I'll post in the morning but I'm pretty sure it'll still be on. Jeff I'll be working on the 485 hp Cooper engine tomorrow at R&T
  7. J

    New chucks for the Monarch CK12

    When I purchased my 1942 vintage Monarch CK12, it came with a well worn 8" skinner chuck. It's only saving grace was it had bolt on jaws. A few months ago, I purchased a 10" four jaw chuck with D1-6 mount. I got that from for a good price and it shipped quickly. I...
  8. J

    Power Hack Saw Flee Market Find

    The saw was offered as a kit . When I asked about at OWWM, I got this reply I think that's a kit saw. Maybe from IASCO (Industrial Arts Supply Co.) or one of the couple of other Industrial Arts casting project suppliers of the 50s/60s/70s. It keeps sawing until YOU turn it off.
  9. J

    Power Hack Saw Flee Market Find

    Here's all my pics of the power hacksaw ( click for bigger view)
  10. J

    2700lb lathe boo boo by shipping company

    I ordered a hot tub cover and it was shipped freight. Box was 18" thick, 4' high and 7' long. In BIG letters on every side of the box was "Do NOT use fork truck" The first one was stabbed thru both sides ( in one side out the other ) with both forks. When the truck driver brought it, the...
  11. J

    Bore Mic's

    At least post a picture
  12. J

    Accuracy on the lathe

    I have my home shop tools calibrated at work. Since they are "back ups" for my main tools at work ( and only a hour round trip if desperately needed ASAP ), the boss is more than happy to let the inspector calibrate them. Plus, most dowel pins are made with a +.0002/-0 tolerance. Bot as...
  13. J

    Accuracy on the lathe

    Thanks for posting that Lohring. :cool: I just found these on ebay for cheap, item 230747956665 35" travel 12" travel , item 230899207877...
  14. J

    Threading mistake

    Exactly what I was going to type. Don't have a pitch gage or a bolt? Set the pitch on a set of calipers and "eyeball" it. Your 1" 8tpi has a pitch of .125 Jeff
  15. J

    Machining techniques for castings

    A lot of good advise was given. I machine castings at work. Machining a casting is working with averages. You'll have critical features that take priority and less important ones. Think the entire job thru from start to finish. Make sure the path you take will give you a good part when...
  16. J

    Chinese 7x Lathe Safety Issue

    I'm with Tin on this one. It's a machine, it doesn't care if flesh is in the way when it starts or impacts something. YOU are the safety device on the machine. It's up to you to be responsible for your own safety ( I do agree if it truly is an electronic problem, the manufacturer must address...
  17. J

    Which quick change tool-holder is appropriate for a 12" lathe??

    My Monarch 12" CK lathe came with a BXA and I wish it was a CXA. The BXA boring bar holder I have is a 1" bore with a 3/4" split sleeve adapter. Smaller bars are held in the tool bit holders. ( 5/8" / 16mm width ) Aloris and Dorian holder will accept 3/4" /19mm tools but they do cost more...
  18. J

    Screwed or screwed?

    Has anyone purchased these and are they truly JIS specs? The folks on the kawasaki triple forum will be interested in these as some manufacturers are marking them as JIS but are standard phillips in actual form.
  19. J

    Craftsman 109-E-Bay

    Maybe I'll get rid of my 1932 vintage Atlas 9" x 18" click for bigger I haven't used it since I got my 12" Monarch
  20. J

    Show Us Your Lathe

    If you have room and want a commercial machine, just keep an eye on Craigslist and local ebay auctions. I spent $1450 for my Monarch 12CK lathe with some tooling and a BXA qctp. I looked for almost four months before I found a good machine at a decent price.
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