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  1. DavHJ

    1-1/2 Steam Roller Long Term

    almost done, all that is left is the water tank and coal box.
  2. DavHJ

    Another Bill Harris Steam Roller

    More progress on the steam roller, all that is left is the coal box and water tank.
  3. DavHJ

    Another Bill Harris Steam Roller

    So I have been working on this Steam Roller on and off since about the early 90's. I have the rolling chase all assembled and painted. I have all the engine components made and had it parchally assembled then my basement got damp and the engine got rusty. I fixed the basement walls installed...
  4. DavHJ

    1-1/2 Steam Roller Long Term

    November, 2018 I just started to work on the steam roller again after a very long break. I had to take the engine apart it got rusty. I have most of it back together again and turning smoothly. lets see how ;long I stay on it this time. Dave
  5. DavHJ

    Which Lathe?

    This is the lathe I baught about 15 years ago. It's gone up in price since I baught mine. I've had good luck with it so far I've done everything from small parts for Model Engeneering projects to big diameter parts with great accuracy. Dave...
  6. DavHJ

    1-1/2 Steam Roller Long Term

    Maybe this thread will give me insperation to finish mine, I've been working on this for the last ten plus years. I have all the engine components done, all I have to do is assemble and mount then make the water tank and coal box. Oh I almost forgot the water pump too. Dave
  7. DavHJ

    Ya gotta love the engine community, big and small

    And then the alarm clock went off...time to go to work...Doh !!! Only kidding. Great story and sounds like a great bunch of people. Dave
  8. DavHJ

    Favorite Brand of Safety Glasses?

    I guess I would have to say North Safety brand seeing as that I work for them as a prototype specialest. Northsafety Now part of Honeywell
  9. DavHJ

    Mic those endmills...

    Bob, Looking at your parts again it looks like to me that the end mill might be a little dull, too long or feed too fast. Small dia. carbide end mills are affordable these days you might want to try roughing out with a high speed then finish with a carbide with higher spindle speed. Just a...
  10. DavHJ

    Mic those endmills...

    Was the end mill an import? If it was it wouldn't suprise me becouse I've ran into the same thing on my CNC Machine. I alwayse check the diameter first now and plug that number into the tool diameter offset with good results. Also I try to use the shortest flute length I can get away with to...
  11. DavHJ

    Bridgeport Quill Stop ?

    This is the one That I have put on my mill Dave
  12. DavHJ

    miniature breath-powered steam engine

    Here is the Huff & Puff one by Philip Duclos done in SolidWorks
  13. DavHJ

    Quick end mill question...

    You are correct, but if you are going to use an end mill with a flat on it in a collet don't hold on the flat always make sure you are clamping on a part of the end mill that is completely round slide the end mill up in the collet as close the the flutes as possable and you are good to go. Dave
  14. DavHJ

    Whick 4-Jaw Should I get?

    I have the sherline 4 jaw chuck mounted on a 5-c collet adaptor and I like it, the jaws are small enough to hold small stuff. The jaws on the little machine shop 4 jaw chuck look a little to big (just my opinion) to hold smaller stuff. good luck in your decision. Dave
  15. DavHJ

    More pictures from the shop

    Thanks for all the nice comments so far that is the only pic that I have but as i progerss I'll add more. This so far has ben a ten year project Hopefully I will finish soon. Like you Marv it is a back burner project. Thanks, Dave
  16. DavHJ

    More pictures from the shop

    Marv, I noticed in one of your shop pics. the engine frame for the "Bill Harris Steam Roller" How far along are you? I'm building it also I'm almost done I have the steam engine done but it is not assembled or mounted yet. Here is a pic.