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    South Bend 8K photos

    Hi Guys, Are those boring bars or Internal Threading Bars ? Hilmar
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    Gerstner tool chest question

    Why don't you go to the Gerstner website and look how a chest from the beginning to the end is made . Hil
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    Marine boiler build

    Hi johnnyo, Thanks for the replay. Have to find a place where to get the black flux in NY State. Hilmar
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    Marine boiler build

    Johnny O, What is the reason to use some times the white and other times the black flux ? Hilmar
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    Stuart Turner Launch engine con rod.

    George, You said that you made a cover over the valve ports, did you glued it in or just let it be loose and how thick did you made it? Hilmar
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    Stuart Turner Launch engine con rod.

    Georg, on the launch engine, I wonder if the castings where original from Stuart Turner. On the print from Stuart the valve cover shows only four screws for hold down ,also the cover has no " S "cast into it. On my castings;" I bought from some one on the web not E Bay" they also lousy...
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    Edge Finder Heads Up

    "1970 Tape bulk eraser " from Radio Shack . Hilmar
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    gripping the inside of a small hole

    jor2daje, buy the jacks with a flat on the threaded side, punch a " D "hole and be done with it. For the nut use a nut driver as shown. Hilmar
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    Unfortunate incident at home today

    ""If that wood floor guy has a family, then he will be back at work tomorrow."" And he can sue the Saw Co. and get a Million $. Like some guy did , doing the same thing also installing a floor. See the Saw Stop court decision. Blame the Saw Co. for not protecting him Hilmar
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    Me and slitting saws don't get along

    Hi Marv, I used one of these saw blades for the last four or fife Years. But it finely gave up on me. Now I need a new one, the old one was i belief $7.00 or $8.00. The " First Storm " I have not seen in the stores lately. Now I have to go for the one by Home Depot. Different Brand also, but...
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    it went with a bang

    See if this group can help you
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    Harold Hall's precision grinding table

    For those of you who don't know! In MEW # 176 Harold Hall made a change on the grinding rest. He changed the size of the two arms that connect the lower with the upper part from 8 mm to 3 mm thickness. If you have the thicker ones done thinning them to 3 mm. It makes for better fasten the end...
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    eBay scammer - another one?

    What is meant by this ? "I own the PLR to this product " Hilmar
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    Delta 6X48" belt sander

    I have one and the pulley is Alu and straight. Hilmar
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    New Square

    Dave I think we doubled
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    New Square

    Hi Steamer Or try this one: " " Hilmar
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    New Square

    check this out. A 2.5 m vernier Caliber, or 96" Hilmar m3cc3bda57b
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    Sherline motor problem

    I would use the 4.7K , not that fare from 5 K Hilmar
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    Mudding Drywall

    Get the right mud, there are pots with a green and I think with a blue lid. For different purposes. Hilmar
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    ID this Russian tool

    A Knife Edge hm