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    Kozo's New Shay Build Completing

    That's looks awesome, thanks for the great build thread too. I'm also a Sherline user, so it's great to see what these little machines can do.
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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    Very nice.
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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    I use these:,330,49233&ap=1 To carve brass. I have a turning rest, similar to a wood turning rest for my Sherline lathe. It does a great job on brass. Just have to take light cuts.
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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    Didn't you know that common-sense has been legislated out of existence? It's now illegal.
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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    Try these from A2Z:{18DCA0E7-5B5D-4106-AD83-9597A4B4F209}&ProductID=3834&Category=TNut:Sherline I have them and they sit below the table.
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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    For the railroad name, you could try acid etching of the brass. Been a while since I researched it, but it didn't look too difficult. And I must say, very nice job you are doing, like others have said, it makes me want to build one, but my wife says no, as I have way too many other projects on...
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    Miniature Tool Collection

    That is so cool!
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    Miniature Tool Collection

    Remember safety first and always chock the wheels when lifting your toy tractor :) Very nice work.
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    Taig lathe Sherline handwheels.

    Everything above the carriage is new. I used a piece a 1x2x6" aluminum, machined the dovetail in to lower side then used a brass gib for adjustment, pretty much the same as the Taig. But, I installed the lead screw nut into the carriage and them made a new lead screw. It attaches to the cross...
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    Taig lathe Sherline handwheels.

    I'll get more when I get home. Unfortunately, that'll be in July. Sent from my iPad using Model Engines
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    Taig lathe Sherline handwheels.

    I put a Sherline handle on my Taig cross slide. I didn't like the length of the original slide, so I built a 6" one. Sent from my iPad using Model Engines
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    Gem, twin cylinder horizontal steam engine

    Hello all, well, after watching all the awesome engines being built here, i have finally got to the stage where I can contribute something other than jokes :) In 2007, while working in Australia, I happened upon a small store in the East side of Melbourne. Miniature Steam Pty. So, I decided to...
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    Windows shopping for 3-D printer.

    I bough a Makerbot Replicator 2X last year. Not cheap, but got good results out of the box. I have since upgraded the heated build plate to an improved model and a few plastic pieces to aluminum. Here is a pic of some helicopter tail rotor rigging tools I printed up Sent from my iPhone...
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    Lost pla casting II

    That's pretty interesting. Just invested in a Makerbot replicator 2x. Now I have another task for it :)
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    Screwed or screwed?

    You could try putting a dab of valve laping compound to the tip of your screwdriver. I've done that before to remove Phillips screws with damaged heads. Give the screwdriver a little extra holding power.
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    I Broke a Tap

    Should have mentioned, that was a brass casting.
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    I Broke a Tap

    Well, broke a 3-48 tap in a casting last week. Tried the alum and water method on a small hot plate to warm up the water. Watched a nice stream of bubbles and debris float out. Took three days, last day I looked in the cup and thought "why is there brass chips on the bottom". They were there as...
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    Why does saliva produce a better looking finish than oil when machining steel?

    I will make the assumption that you should never use your tongue as an applicator ;D
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    Jemma radial engine lubrication

    The lubricant is added to the fuel. The designer mentioned that enough fuel oil mix would get into the crankcase by passing by the rings to lubricate it. Are you building one? Got any pic's? I started on mine about 10 years ago, it's a long project :) I have all the cases built and the...
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    TurboCAD doors.

    Select the door and hit the 'Explode' button once. See if that helps.
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