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    Lathe info

    Hello to all I'm looking to purchasing a new Grizzly 14 x 40 Gun lathe. So I'm looking for information from members to see if any body has one and if they would recommend this machine. I presently have a 13 x 40 Jet lathe that is 20 plus yrs old. MF
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    Pin Map

    I would love to pin the map but when I click on the link it takes me to the index and there is no map to pin. Mike
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    Planer for sale

    I have a Schneider Machine Co. planer that I would like to sell, it is 10" x 18" x 24" planer It weighs in at 1200 lbs. At present time the machine is disassembled and stored in barn. $500.00 or best offer buyer can pickup and or have shipped. My email address is I can...