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    reamed hole vs. drill rod size

    Hi, I am attempting to fit a 5/32 1018 valve stem into a 5/32 reamed hole in a bronze valve cage. No go, so I have to adjust some thing. I would like a tight sliding fit for the engine that I am building (Jan Ridders Scuderi cycle engine). It is important that this fit is tight as this...
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    Mixing lead and silver solders?

    HI, I assembled some small fittings using 50/50 soft solder. This turned out to be not strong enough and the parts failed (came apart). I plan to use silver solder next, but these small parts are still tinned from the lead solder. It is not possible to remove this tinning without making new...
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    help identifying aluminum alloy

    I bought this piece of 1/2" aluminum plate on eBay. It has this pattern on one side, and the other side seems to be just a mill finish. Does anyone know what this pattern means? Thanks, John.
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    How to attach a sight glass?

    Hi, I am putting together a brass gas tank that is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I would like to make one end out of glass. I am wondering what would be the best way to glue the glass to a brass ring that would be soldered to the tank end. I was thinking of silicone, but I don't know if it would...
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    Southbend lathe oil

    Hi, Is it possible to substitute non detergent motor oil of the proper weight for the oils that come with the kits from eBay? I was thinking of 10W non detergent for the type "B" oil. Thanks, John.
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    Solidworks for Mac?

    Hi, I have been interested in learning something about 3-d modeling. The software is expensive but I was able to buy Solidworks 2019/2020, student edition for $20.00 as a veteran. Not being very computer savvy I didn't realize it will not work with Mac OS. Do I have any options other than...
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    ER40 by MT3 collet chuck

    Hi, I have a Vertex rotary table with an MT3 bore. I would like to use my ER40 collets to hold work on this table. I saw on E-bay a Shars CNC milling holder that took ER-40 collets, and had an MT3 taper on the other side. Do you think that this would work on my table without using a drawbar to...
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    South Bend spindle adaptation

    Hi, I have a Vertex 8" rotary table with a MT3 center hole. I also have a South Bend 9 inch lathe. I would like to use my 3 and 4 jaw chucks, which have 1 1/2 8 backplates, on the table. I also have a very used South Bend 9" spindle. Do you think it is possible to cut and turn a mt3 taper on the...
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    Trouble turning hot rolled steel!

    Hi, I am attempting to turn a flywheel from 1018 hot rolled steel. The finished dimensions are 4.25" diameter by .750" thick. I bought this grade of steel because it was half the price of cold rolled. I have never tried turning hot rolled before, and it has been a nightmare. It is chipping the...
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    Chuck Fellows Carburator

    Hi, does any one know where I can find the plans for the original Chuck Fellows carburator? I heard it was in the downloads section, but I can't find it. Thanks, John
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    valve lapping problem

    Hi, I am trying to lap a 12L14 valve into a cast bronze seat. The valve is 5/16 inch in diameter, and both the valve and the seat are cut at a 45 degree angle. I am spinning the valve with an electric drill, varying the speed and using an 800 grit lapping compound. The valve has seated very...
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    Any one built a 1/4 Galloway mixer?

    Hi, I have a question on the mixer casting that came with my 1/4 Galloway kit. The drawings show the air inlet passage intersecting the centerline just above the top of the valve guide. On my casting, the boss for the air inlet is down low, near the bottom of the mixer body. If I were to drill...
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    1/4 Galloway battery question

    Hi, I'm about to test the ignitor I made for my 1/4 scale Galloway and would like to have a recommendation as to the size and type of battery I should buy. Here is a photo of the transformer I have. I hope it will work. I assume it is to be wired in series with the ignitor. If you can't tell by...
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    wanted, 3C square collets

    Hi, if any one has 3C square collets for sale please let me know. Thanks, John.
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    Help with 1/4 Galloway drawings

    Hi, I'm machining the ignitor trip lever for my 1/4 Galloway and have a question on the prints. In most views that show the hole for the trip lever spring there is an "X" with the letters PNTO next to it. Can some one tell me what this means? Thanks, John.
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    cylinder compression question

    Hi, I am building a 1/4 scale Galloway hit or miss engine. I have the piston and the head installed and I am trying to get an idea if the compression will be adequate. The piston is 1.3 inches with two cast iron rings. Here's what happens with my crude test. When I turn the flywheel slowly I...
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    Should I temper home made springs?

    Hi, I am winding the springs for my 1/4 Galloway from music wire. I read some place that after winding they should be tempered by placing them in an oven at 450 degrees for 3 or 4 hours. Has any one else used this method? My big question is, if the springs need to be tempered, should they be...
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    1/4 Galloway valve question

    Hi, the plans call for the valve seat to be cut at 41 degrees and the valve itself to be cut at 45 degrees. I'm not sure why this would be better than cutting them both at 45 degrees. Do they have to be lapped together? Also, I plan on using 12L14 for the valve. Is this a good choice. This is...
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    Looking for 3c square collets

    Hi, I am looking for all sizes of 3c square collets. If you have any for sale, please let me know. Thanks, John.
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    attaching 3 jaw chuck to rotary table

    Hi all, I have a vertex 8" rotary table with 4 t-slots and an mt3 taper in the center. I would like to attach my 5" 3 jaw chuck to the table. The chuck has a backplate with a 1 1/2x8 thread on it. I was thinking of making an mt3 spindle with a 1 1/2 8 male thread on it, but this still won't...