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  1. darwenguy

    Model generator build from casting kit.

    Hi all, not sure if this is in the correct forum here as its not an engine but it is made from castings and it realy only works when coupled with an engine. Im sure some of you will find it interesting enougth to follow along anyway. I have had some questions regarding the making of this model...
  2. darwenguy

    Model water pump from casting kit.

    Hi all. Not sure if this is fully relevant here, but pumps and generators always add interest to a running engine. Im sure some of you will find it interesting and i have had a few requests about machining setups so as im currently making a batch of the pumps, here is how i machine the pumps...
  3. darwenguy

    Cringle boiler build.

    Hi all im just starting on another batch of my little boilers so will record a full build log with plenty of photo's. This is the boiler as they look finished.. I do make these as finished models and aslo in kit form with preformed can ends. This is how the parts look in the kit form.. For...
  4. darwenguy

    What do you think?

    Hi all, Wonder if any of you have any ideas to add to my casting setup. Ive been casting for about 5 years now and have been trying to improve and remove labour from the task since i started. Anyone who has done any casting im sure will agree its quite labour intensive. So far to speed up...
  5. darwenguy

    Virtical steam engine build.

    Hi all, im going to get working on this engine again between jobs. I started it about 3 years ago and it been sat on the shelf since. Its based on a design at 'Jhon-tom steam plans' page 3 the 4th one down, 'virtical single cylinder steam engine' I changed a few details to make the castings...
  6. darwenguy

    Mamod TE1A crane jib.

    Hi all, finished up a batch of my crane accessories for the mamod traction engines. Not sure of relevent here, but they go on an engine and shiny mechanical stuff must appeal to some like me. All made from my own castings, the whole assembly simply clamps to the front of the engine and the drive...
  7. darwenguy

    Automated gear cutting setup on mill.

    Hi guys thought some of you may be interested in this setup. I have to make a number of small gears for some models i make. And cutting 80 teeth on the mill soon gets boring! so ive made this simple, as cheep as it comes setup all in for around £100. Its produced around 100 gears now and still...
  8. darwenguy

    Cringle steam turbine genset

    Hi all, ive had some requests for more details of the cringle turbine model. Il record a full build log here with plenty of photo's. Il be making a set of 3 so you may see some parts shown more than one off.
  9. darwenguy

    Model generator build from scratch

    Hi guys, Ive been wanting to make a good model dynamo to run with a stationary steam engine. I dont realy like the kits available from stuarts and pm, i just dont like the price of a modern motor guts in a fancy shell. I have searched the internet for some plans but had no luck so im going to...
  10. darwenguy

    the cringle engine. virtical steam

    Hi all this is my first real go at making a working model its my own design of a virtical steam engine using common slide valve setup. It's been a steep learning curve so far learning to make wooden patterns making sand molds and casting aluminium and brass. I've made it quite a large model so...