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  1. tornitore45

    3 cylinder 1/4 scale Anzani Engine

    Hi Jennifer, need some insight on the Anzani lubrication. The oil enters the front and travel through the crankshaft to the big end then it leaks out and get twirled around until gravity takes over. The camshaft has oil passages, but how does the oil find its way to the tiny hole that is high in...
  2. tornitore45

    3 cylinder 1/4 scale Anzani Engine

    I got the plans but do not know how to acquire the casting. I am going to build one way or the other but rather have the casting. The drawing are excellent but assuming one has the casting on hand there is no reason for describe the shape in detail. I find myself struggling visualizing the...
  3. tornitore45

    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Many of the Merlin screws are #2. Are you sure you can thread mill the holes? And give up the trill of tapping a casting you worked on it for 200 hrs.
  4. tornitore45

    A new look at Opposed Twin I.C. Engine

    I built the Upshur twin and my biggest problem to getting it run was to discover the spark jump to the push rods. Once the plugs were booted it run with no problem.
  5. tornitore45

    For Sale Anzani Plans Free

    I like to buy them from "John" but have no idea how to contact him. Can anyone supply the contact?
  6. tornitore45

    Bore stroke ratio

    Applying the Walbro formula to a dozen model engines of which I know the dimensions ALWAYS result in a Calculated Air Speed at 6000 RPM of 158 m/s using K=0.65 and 74 m/s using K=0.9. This is not a coincidence, the Walbro formula is based on obtaining a specific Venturi air speed. The equation...
  7. tornitore45

    Bore stroke ratio

    Max Piston velocity at the middle of the stroke = Omega x R = 2 x pi x f x R R = 0.5 x Stroke f = RPM/60 Velocity = 2 x pi x 0.5 x Stroke x RPM / 60 = pi x Stroke x RPM / 60 Stroke in meters give Piston speed in m/s The Air speed in the Venturi is Piston Speed x (Bore Area/Venturi...
  8. tornitore45

    Bore stroke ratio

    Percentage of bore works as a rule of thumb for "normal" configuration engine. One parameter that keep fairly constant after scaling an engine is the piston speed therefore the air intake speed is in the inverse ratio of Bore/Throat from which the rule of thumb come from. I can't remember...
  9. tornitore45

    Bore stroke ratio

    From the carb side of the picture reduce the throat diameter. Air speed should be between 1/2 and one speed of sound to vaporize the fuel. A mall carb will lower the top power but help the low RPM.
  10. tornitore45

    Hold a gear for cutting?

    Whatever holding method you use make sure it has a large flange because is difficult to keep a thin disk square when the bore is only 3/8" diameter. As far as centering you have a 3 Jaw chuck mounted on the table holding what looks like a collet block. Lots of sources of error. If your RT...
  11. tornitore45

    Forrest Edwards radial 5

    My engine is mounted on a display with Fuel Tank, Oil Tank and provision for powering the plugs. Is not meant to fly but is ready to run for fun. The 5 plugs are powered by AC via a transformer, 5 isolated secondary's. I wanted to have some control and diagnostic. The voltage is adjustable...
  12. tornitore45

    Keeping 01 free of carbon buildup while hardening.

    Home shop environment: I am still trying to figure how to unwrap a red hot chunk of metal in less than 2 seconds before quenching, given that leaving the part under wrap slows the quenching down below critical speed. Professional Heat Treatment Facility: I dunnow only seen one on a 10 minutes...
  13. tornitore45

    Keeping 01 free of carbon buildup while hardening.

    Can anyone explain how all this bright idea are going to help the original post trying to protect a #2-56 threaded hole?
  14. tornitore45

    Keeping 01 free of carbon buildup while hardening.

    Internal 2-56 thread! Screw in, for a few threads, a #2 screw. You can remove after heat treating leaving a clean hole. This case is special since needs to protect a small hole. For other jobs I use liquid soap. I have the anti-scale powder but do not like the way it works. Once the...
  15. tornitore45

    A new attempt at making piston rings

    Gordon, as long as the ring is free to move without excess freedom the ring would press against the upper surface of the groove when the piston accelerate downward. This seals the top but some gas must escape to create pressure behind the rings. Every engine has some blow-by pressurizing the...
  16. tornitore45

    A new attempt at making piston rings

    The moral of the story and the reason there is so much debate about this subject is that there is more than one way to skin this cat and as long as proper procedure and attention to detail are observed different methods may produce a running engine. I love math, but as an engineer practical...
  17. tornitore45

    Precision Gauge Blocks

    Considering that feeler gauges come in 0.001" interval the need to distinguish 0.003" from 0.0032" seems purely academic. Still I would guess the manufacturing ability to grind to thickness within 0.0001" is achieved without special effort. Bends, dings and buggered edges are another matter.
  18. tornitore45

    Lathe slide wobble

    FWIW I rather have two flat surfaces with tool marks mating than two surfaces super-polished by hand that may be no longer flat. Tool marks are good for oil retention as long as they are fine and on flat surfaces. The single largest shortcoming of the Sieg is the 2 bolts ring holding down...