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  1. vederstein

    Un-Named Engine

    On to the next idea for my series of "steam" engines with strange layouts. I notices on my last project, that back-driving the valve cam resulted in shaft rotation that wasn't too hard. Therefore I think I can have an engine using an offset circular cam instead of a crankshaft. I could've...
  2. vederstein

    Swashplate Engine

    After putting in too much time designing a stationary engine using Walscheart's valve gear, I was never able to get it looking like I had envisioned. So, I dropped the idea for now and went back to an idea I started years ago: An axial engine using a swashplate as the crankshaft. Looking on...
  3. vederstein

    Walschaerts Mechanism

    I've always been fascinated by the valve gear of the later steam locomotives. The fact that is works with only levers and no eccentric is amazing to me. A little bit of research and I found the mechanism was originally designed by Belgian Egide Walschaerts in 1844. (Wikipedia page here.) Over...
  4. vederstein

    T-Head Engine Plans

    Ok, For me, this engine was a failure. I just couldn't get the valves to seal worth a damn. I don't necessarily think it's in the design, I think it's because I suck., So in the following few posts, I present the design for this four stroke engine. If anybody tackles this thing and is...
  5. vederstein

    Modified Coomber Rotary Steam Engine

    I put on a coat of paint on my Modified Coomber steam engine. You can find the plans and CAD models here: Here's the finished engine:
  6. vederstein

    Engine Valves

    I've done enough Steam and Stirling engines that I think I'm going to try my hand at a four stroke gas engine again. My first experience was a Webster where I failed to get the thing running. My question revolves around valves. Why always poppet valves? I had a hell of a time getting the...
  7. vederstein

    Coomber Engine Ideas

    On to my next engine. I was looking at Elmer's #46. The Coomber engine. (I don't know if it's "Coomber" or "Comber". I've seen it spelled both ways.) Anyway, these designs always have the cam ring with the cam rollers on the inside. I was thinking what would happen if I put the cam rollers...
  8. vederstein

    V-8 Engine & 5 Speed Gearbox in Kerbal Space Program

    I don't know how many here are aware of the computer game Kerbal Space Program. It's a rocketry and orbital simulation game. Some people have made some amazing non-rocket related items using the physics engine in this game. I came across this one what really blew me away. He modeled a V-8...
  9. vederstein

    Gaging the market - Casting for the Sun-Planet Engine for Sale

    This is the first time I've made this offer. My sun-planet engine came out so well that I think I'll offer to do a run of the one casting that unavailable anywhere else for this engine. If I get somewhere between four and eight people to commit to buying one, I'll do a short run. The other...
  10. vederstein

    Sun-Planet Engine - Finished

    I've finished my Sun and Planet engine. Given that I didn't know if this would even work when I started, I think it turned out ok. Plans with 3D sold models are freely available on this website in the Plans section of the forum. ...Ved.
  11. vederstein

    Sun-Planet Engine

    Around 1770 or so when Watt was attempting to modify his pumping steam engine for rotary motion, the jerk (and he was an uber a-hole if you read some history...) couldn't get around an existing patent on the slider crank. So instead of paying royalties, he invented the sun and planet gearset to...
  12. vederstein

    Poppin 150 Build

    Some of you folks know that my next project is the Poppin flame licker. I have a high distaste for tiny parts/fasteners. Therefore I redesigned the engine making it 50% larger. Then I looked at the main frame the original designer called the Standard. I looked at my stock of materials and...
  13. vederstein

    Scaling Up a Flame Licker

    I think my next project will be my first try at a flame licker, the Poppin engine in particular. I looked at the plans and I really don't like how small this thing is and I want to scale it up about 50% to make the parts more manageable and avoid 2-56 threads. Therefore the question: Being...
  14. vederstein

    Camgine! would like to introduce itself

    Hi. My name is Camgine!. As far as I know, I'm the only one of my kind in existance. Some of you have seen (in other areas in this forum) my design and parts of me running. To close the chapter, I'm considering this post my formal introduction. From the outset I'm a two cylinder, single...
  15. vederstein

    Plans - Camgine! (a.k.a. Spherical Bearing Engine)

    As promised, here's the plans for Camgine! (I created a new thread to eliminate the earlier design work and discussion). Attached is the 3D CAD model (in STEP format) and a PDF drawing set.
  16. vederstein

    Double Acting V-Twin Steam Engine

    Although I've been done with my double-double for a couple of months now, I didn't want to consider it completed until I've actually run the thing on live steam. Today was that day!! Enjoy (or dont)....
  17. vederstein


    Some of you have been watching the development of an air motor/steam engine that I designed with as far as I know, has no allegory in reality. It's certainly not an improvement on any existing design and it kind of stupid, as far as engines go. For those that haven't seen the animations...
  18. vederstein

    Spherical Bearing Engine

    I wanted to create a steam engine that, as far as I know, has no real world analogue or has been done before. It's still a work in progress, but I submit my first concept. At this stage, I haven't even looked at the valving....
  19. vederstein

    Two Cylinder Double Acting Steam Engine

    As promised, here's the plans for the double acting V-Twin steam engine to which I've been working. First are the PDF drawings (probably a couple of posts to get them all in here)...
  20. vederstein

    Watch Those Jaw Numbers

    I was working on a rod gland for a steam engine I'm working on. Several parts are round plates with a six hole bolt circle. I used my 4" Chinese rotary table in the mill to drill the parts. The rotary table has replaceable inner and outer jaws. The jaws are "labeled" 1, 2, and 3 for their...