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    Mideast Model Engineering Show 2021

    Got this from Paul last week
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    Martin Models

    Hi Tried looking up Martin Models site and it comes back unknown, Anyone know if Gary is still in busyness?? Bob
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    Mideast Model Engineering Show - cancelled

    Hi Just got this from Paul Debolt, see you all next year Bob ************************************************ Hello All! I sorry to inform you that our Mideast Model Engineering Show at the Zanesville Airport has been canceled for this year. The Fly in and Car Show were also...
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    Keep Logged in

    Hi Ever since the new system is up, I cannot stay logged in. I click the box and it works for the day, but when I turn off the pc at night, next morning not logged on? Bob
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    Rotary Table Setup - two at same time

    Just wanted to thank all those who shared setting up a rotary table in the thread that got resurrected in late January - It came at an opportune time as I had a part that needed an accurately setup rotary table...
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    Functional ¼ Scale Lunkenheimer Mixer

    Way back in 2012 I built a 1/8th scale Galloway and did not like the look of the Lunkenheimer Casting provided with the set of castings. I had seen a working ¼ scale Lunkenheimer on a ¼ scale Gade from Morrison & Marvin Engine Works . I built one for that Galloway and it has just tipped...
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    Root & Vandervoot Model Broke

    Hi ************************************************************************ Thanks to all who have looked, we have acquired the information from a local modeler who is lending us his prints ******************************************************************** I am posting this on a couple of...
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    Restoring 2" Case Reverse Slide Issue

    Hi Anyone out there who has built a 2” Coles Case, I am rebuilding the valve gear. Things are moving along well. I have most of the new tight pins made and the holes that were egg shaped cleaned up and bushed. I am keeping all the linkage tight ie minimal (no) play. The cylinder valve face...
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    Natalie's Stirling Engine

    Hi As I mentioned in a previous post my two granddaughters were working on Norm Jones Stirling engine. Rachel is 21 and got hers finished last May - Natalie is 19 and had a long break between...
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    Stirling Engine from Norm Jones drawings

    Hi In 2014 my two granddaughters wanted to build a Stirling engine after several other projects. Model Engine builder had an article by Norm Jones and picked that one. They started in the shop when they were 8 and 10, now 19 and 21. The oldest one, Rachel, finished up her engine this...
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    Model Meadows Grist Mill by Cooper

    Hi I just acquired a model Meadows Grist Mill produced by Cooper. I am looking for someone who has one and has used it. I posted this on another site and thought I would try here also. Basic questions: 1. Spindle rotation, I think it is counter clockwise looking from the pulley end 2. I...
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    Unknown Generator

    Hi Does any one have any information on this generator? I ran it at about 800RPM and got nothing. Thanks Bob
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    Holt Engine for sale

    UPDATE: I was a bit cryptic on the price, I am looking for the best offer over $2000. I cannot ship outside the USA. Sorry for the confusion. Contact me directly for more information. Hi The Holt was purchased several years ago by my friend, who recently passed away. I am selling the Holt as...
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    Mid-east ohio model engineering expo Propane accident

    At the North East Ohio Model Engineering Show I had an accident with my Rider Hot Engine when shutting down. It caused a bit of excitement for about a minute or so. I was removing the propane tube from the engine when it caught fire. I dropped the tube and attempted to put out the fire with a...
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    Propane Burner drawings "Sandy C"

    Hi I am considering building the 1/4 or 1/8 Rider-Ericsson engine. When looking over the build I saw a nice looking burner. In the build article Bill mentioned a burner design by "Sandy C". I looked on this site for some drawings or info but found none. I asked Bill if he knew where I could...
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    1 / 8 Scale Galloway Build

    Hi I thought I would just start a thread on an 1/8 scale Galloway build. That way folks could share everything on one thread. I am about a day or so from taking everything apart and starting to paint the model. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have redone all but a few of the drawings...
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    Galloway question

    Hi I am building the 1/8 scale Galloway. I have a question for those who have built any of the scales of this engine. The question is about the two collars that operate the govenor arm. Shellys prints have these machined in a very specific way with a recess in one collar and shoulder on the...
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    Small Diameter music wire

    Hi I am looking for music wire in diameters less than .006. .006 seems to be the smallest anyone stocks. I checked with Precision Brand and they do not have it. I know they used to have it as in the mid 60's I ran the machine that wound the 1# and 1/4# rolls and they went all the way down to...
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    Angled Bearing surface

    HI I am building a Galloway and have a question about the machining of the angled bearing surface. The cranks' bearing mount is angled 30 degrees. The trick is that the plane of the bearing surface must intersect the centerline plane of the cylinder and timing gear. That is the center of the...
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    Hired Man Breisch part

    Hi I am finishing up a Hired Man engine. One of the last parts I am making is the the latch up arm that latches the exhaust rod. I was just about finished when I looked carefully at the drawing. I was going to make the roller end of the arm. I thought it was just a drill rod part pressed into...