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  1. Shopgeezer

    Whaaaat? Could it be?

    I spent large coin buying a three phase motor and VFD motor controller to convert my 10X22 lathe into something that will change speed without the half hour of frustration unbolting idlers and swapping belts ( King Lathe, really a terrible belt setup). All the information I can find, and all...
  2. Shopgeezer

    How does this one work?

    In surveying all kinds of steam engines on the net for my own information I came across this one. It has me flumoxed. Looks like a normal slide valve engine but the exhaust seems to come directly out of the cylinder, not the steam chest. Can't figure out how this one works. Anybody know this...
  3. Shopgeezer

    What are the material sizes to use with small dies?

    So If I want to make a 1/4-24 thread on a part in the lathe I know that I turn it down to 1/4" and stick the 1/4-24 die in the tailstock holder. But what size do I turn for a 2-56, 4-40 or 10-32 thread? I have all the tap drill sizes for taps on my handy wall chart and the densely packed info...
  4. Shopgeezer

    A 220v question

    I want to use 3D photogrammetry to model engine parts, print them on my 3D printer and try lost PLA casting. I built a light box and gave it a try. Works great. I copied and printed several various objects around the shop. The process involves taking lots of overlapping pictures of the object...
  5. Shopgeezer

    Annealing Copper

    I have read all the threads I can find on annealing the copper end plates of small boilers before hammering them over a form. You Tube videos show the fellow heating the endplate up to cherry red and dropping it into water. The main thread I could find on this forum had an entry saying you can...
  6. Shopgeezer

    Anybody got plans.......

    So has anybody ever seen plans for a mechanical Orrery? This is a model of the solar system that shows the relationship of the planets as they circle the sun. The photo shows a small one of just the earth and moon as well. These are kits costing $1400. I would love to see a set of plans. Just...
  7. Shopgeezer

    Resin burn out temperature

    Resin printers are getting reasonably affordable. Much better quality than PLA. I want to do metal casting for engine parts with lost PLA but resin would make better models. Does anyone have any idea what the burn out temperature would be for resin models?
  8. Shopgeezer

    Attempt at a coolant mister

    I wanted to try a coolant mister so I bought one from Ebay for $19.95 (free shipping, how does China do that?). I ordered some misting coolant from KBC. It said “safe for people, machines and the environment” on the label. However there was also a big sticker on the back that said “irritates...
  9. Shopgeezer

    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    So my King 10X22 lathe is a traditional belt drive 110v single phase machine. Prying the belts off to change speeds gets old real fast. I know, they won WWII with belt drive lathes. I should just respect the heritage. But Ebay has all these cheap speed controllers........ The motor shops all...
  10. Shopgeezer

    Camping steam engine

    There was a thread awhile back that mentioned a WW ll miniature portable steam engine that was used to charge rafio batteries in remote locations. The engine fit into the boiler and packed into the backpack of a paratroooper. It was a great idea since a steam engine only needs water and...
  11. Shopgeezer

    T type cut-off tools

    In my last order to KBC I included a T style cut-off tool, since I have wanted to try one. The tool that arrived with the order was a standard parallel sided tool. No T shape. After a few phone calls the nice rep at KBC informed me that I had the right tool, that was what they sold as a T type...
  12. Shopgeezer

    Great coolant except its toxic

    So I invested in a coolant sprayer for the lathe that hooks up to the shop air and draws coolant from a container with a flexible plastic hose. Vacuum in the spray head pulls the coolant up to the nozzle. You can adjust the amount of spray with the valve on the unit. I picked up a bottle of...
  13. Shopgeezer

    Steam Volume Question

    So in going through boiler designs I am curious how to determine the volume of steam a particular engine needs. This mostly relates to the size of tubing to use with the boiler. We talk a lot about steam pressure but is there a volume component to this? How would tubing diameter compare between...
  14. Shopgeezer

    Soft copper tubing?

    So in looking for brass and bronze tubing for steam engines and boilers (which is expensive and hard to bend) I came across soft copper tubing for HVAC use. This is available in large rolls and is cheap and easy to bend. Is there any problem using the soft copper tubing for a steam installation...
  15. Shopgeezer

    In the mood for a headache?

    In my quest for boiler fittings I happened across the PM Engineering description of the various threads they sell for model steam engine use. Ay Chihuahua! I am a bit confused. Have a look: I think I will just go to Home Depot and use...
  16. Shopgeezer

    A little video diversion

    If you lot have a few idle minutes have a look at these two videos on small engines. They features some amazing engines running and powering various vehicles. The second video shows a Flame Eater, a Flame Licker, a Vacuum Engine, and a Popper. I have no idea how any of these work, but...
  17. Shopgeezer

    Reamer question

    So what are the opinions on adjustable reamers? I have read bad reviews on cheaper sets saying the blades don’t all adjust to the same height and it is hard to get an accurate setting out of them. Are better quality versions more dependable? They would be handy for sizes between standard...
  18. Shopgeezer

    V4 Steam Engine

    This engine is selling on Ebay right now. Very impressive. Lots of dollars. Does anyone know of plans for a similar engine? Looks like a good winter project. I have just the boat for this to go into.
  19. Shopgeezer

    Should I buy this?

    I used the fancy micro adjustable lathe tool posts in a machining course many years ago and loved them. Always wanted one for my lathe but they had a lot of zeros in the price. Lately they have become incredibly cheap. The one below can land at my door for under $400. I am tempted, but the...