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  1. tornitore45

    Is Polyurethane resistant to Methanol

    I plan on finishing the wooden stand for my engine with Polyurethane but wonder if it will be dissolved by Glow Fuel.
  2. tornitore45

    Rubber Starter Spinner

    Engines with propeller usually have a spinner resembling 1/2 an egg. The engine is usually started with a drill driving a rubber female cone. I found the replacement rubber tip for walking canes a suitable starting part to build such driver. Is available at the drug store. Anybody has a better...
  3. tornitore45

    Viton O-Ring as piston rings

    Many folks have successfully built and run engines using Viton O-rings as piston rings. My question is: How much deformation (squeeze) between the bore and the bottom of the piston groove should be applied to have a good seal with the minimum friction? With reference to...
  4. tornitore45

    Determining a carburetor throath diameter

    What criteria drive the dimension of a carburetor throath diameter? Is it fair to assume that a carb correct for a 1 cylinder 4 strokes is good for up to 4 cylinder since they intake one at the time? I suppose a minimum air speed is required to atomize and suck the fuel but too much...
  5. tornitore45

    Lynx starting woes

    This engine did run breafly when first assembled, then I decided to take it apart clean it up and reassemble it with thread-locking compound and Loctite 580 sealant around the crankcase to avoid oils seepage. This tells me there is nothing wrong with the Ignition or any major construction...
  6. tornitore45

    Hoglet Ignition

    The magazine article is pretty silent about the ignition. From pictures it looks like there is only one coil and the HV wire appear to split V and feed both plugs IN PARALLEL. I do not think this arrangement is going to work. When one cylinder is in compression, the other is exhausting at near...
  7. tornitore45

    Hoglet one way clutch

    The plans locate the one way clutch on the chain sprocket connected to the pedal. The sprocket on the crankshaft is locked on it. This means that when the engine fires the chain and both sprockets turn at engine speed. That seems to me a lot of motion for nothing. I am considering locating the...
  8. tornitore45

    Regarding the Lynx Engine Camshaft Phasing

    Malcom Stride plans/article indicates in figure 4 the cam timing diagrams as Clockwise, furthermore it specify the view from the timing belt side. The engine turns CCW when looked from the propeller (timing belt) end, the side one would face when phasing the camshaft. The picture of the two cams...
  9. tornitore45

    Some of my projects

    This is the Phil Dulcos OddSix 6 strokes hit&miss Next is the Upshure Boxer engine with wasted spark, no distributor Next is the Lynx work in progress Next are a few PM engineering machines actually cutting metal Last the Shop Helpers
  10. tornitore45

    Dulcos ODD 6 hit$miss

    I built the Phil Dulcos 6 strokes hit and miss. I am having problems with the missing action. The engine runs well with the hit&miss mechanism disabled. Runs fast and is not overly touchy on the needle. Spark is at TDC. The engine has run full power for about 1/2 hour. Has bounce but if rotated...
  11. tornitore45

    Transparent tank

    I want to build a gas tank (Coleman) with one side transparent. Copper tube, with one recessed ring, inside, to register the transparent side. What material and glue work for this application?
  12. tornitore45

    Lynx sense of rotation

    Not wanting to hijack the Lynx trad already going... I just receive Model Engineer magazine for 6 euros and it actually contains the drawings and the build notes. Anyway just looking at the engine picture, and considering the location of the belt tensioner, it appears that the engine is...
  13. tornitore45

    Steam engine pictured on Forum header

    I am intrigued by picture of the engine featured on the header. Can someone please point to a thread discussing it?
  14. tornitore45

    Finishing the Engine wood display

    I just finish building the display box holding the ignition and wander hat kind of finish is compatible with oil and Coleman fuel. Does Polyurethane stands up to Coleman fuel? How about Tung Oil one of my favored finish? Thanks Mauro
  15. tornitore45

    Spits and sputter but no substained run

    I completed my firs 4 stroke twin. Is an Upshur twin as presented in the Model Engine Builder Magazine Issue 7. It doesw at most 3 - 4 pops on one cylinder only. Both cylinder have low static compression but at speed I could fel a strong suction on before installing the cylinder heads. The...
  16. tornitore45

    Slow Upload

    Is it just me or the pages upload are considerably slow? Other URL seems to load without delay.
  17. tornitore45

    Mind your teeth and turns

    Mi first attempt at cutting spur gear. Cut the first 60 teeth, takes 1.5 turns of the rotary table handle. After cutting 60 teeth the 1.5 number is pretty burned into your brain. Mount the 30 teeth blank and proceed to cut about 12 teeth cranking 1.5 turns. Well you know that it take 3 turns to...
  18. tornitore45

    Phil Dulcos Hit&Miss Governor

    The way I understand the governor is that the two centrifugal masses are pulled close by the spring. The picture in the book "Shop wisdom of Phil Dulcos" you will notice each mass has a piston like part sliding in a grove with axis parallel to the spring axis. The spring anchor points are a...