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    ChrisB builds the EJS Wobbler

    Hi all, I was packing this engine tonight and took a couple of pictures and thought I would share with you all. This is a Christmas gift to my father, who is really the reason why I am an engineer in the first place. It is the EJS double acting wobbler, and is my second completed engine. It...
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    Long term project ideas?

    First of all I want to wish everyone here a really big thank you for, well being here. This is such a fantastic forum that has been of great assistance to me already. I am looking for a long term project to start reading up on planning etc. Initially I had wanted to build a loco but to to no...
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    Time to say Hello

    Hi All, Just a quick hello really, I have been a bit of a lurker on this site for a little time now and thought it was high time I made a proper introduction. I'm Chris from Jersey in the Channel Islands, very new to machining personally, but it runs in the blood according to my father ??? I...