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    Finished Elmer's #11

    Hello, I just finished this engine. Here is a link to my build thread Here is a link to a YouTube video. Thanks for looking, Gerry
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    Elmer's #11 Radial

    Hello, This is my second build log. I have built 2 of Elmer's engines to completion, Elmer's #2 and #50 and one other that is almost done, Elmer's #37. I got kind of bored with the Grasshopper, it is about 95% done, just need to do the little fiddly bits like drilling Ø.062" rod with #70 holes...
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    Elmer's #20 Kimble Engine questions

    I started working on this model and looking at the drawings I don't see dimensions for the "vane arms" and the "valve arm". I must be missing something, don't see any mention to these dimensions in the text as well. I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to layout the hole centers...
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    Elmer's #2 Vertical Twin Wobbler and Elmer's Grasshopper

    Hi all, Been a while since I last posted. I have been working on other projects and just got back into the shop a couple of months ago. Here a couple of photos and a link to a movie of this little twin wobbler. I also have Elmer's #37...
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    Elmer's #50 Educational Model Finished and Running!

    Hi all, I figured out why this engine wasn't running... kind of embarrassing, I had installed the valve block backwards. The .062" Ø holes that feed the cylinder and piston were facing the wrong way. I was dismantling the engine preparing to re-do the valve block bore and valve assembly when I...
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    Elmer's #50 Educational Model

    Hi all, Have not posted in a while, I introduced myself back in March of 2009 when I bought a RF 30/31 clone asked for some advice on that machine. Since then I kind of moved the home machining thing to the back burner and just brought it forward this past winter. I have been working on Elmer's...
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    Where can I read about indexable tool holders....

    and what AR, AL, BR, BL and E mean and what application each tool is for? I bought a QCTP from Enco and I ordered a set of 5 indexable tool holders with these names. They are not marked however so I want to find out which is which and when to use them. Thanks much. Gerry
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    New (for me) Mill And New Shop In Process

    I bought this mill from a guy that was going to convert it to CNC. He only got as far as dismantling it. It was in his barn for almost a year with out any protection from rust. I cleaned it up using WD-40 and scotch bright pads, some elbow grease too :) Only need to mount the motor and...
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    Aluminum Pulley On Steel Shaft

    Hi all, Should I apply some type of anti-seize compound (or oil) to the tapered shaft on the quill shaft before I install the alum. pulley? Or should it be a dry fit? Also, how tight should the large nut that retains this pulley be tightened? Thanks, Gerry
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    Quill return spring

    Hi all, I am putting a RF 30/31 clone back together that I bought dismantled. Have any of you folks had experience in re-winding the clock spring and installing it? I'm trying to figure how to do this. The first couple of tries the spring wants to come unsprung side ways. I can't seem to keep it...