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    Chinese 4 stroke model camshaft repair advice

    SS is not a good choice for cams. Use 4130 and just harden the lobes themselves. No need to harden the shaft and that will almost always cause it to warp. Cut the cam lobes to their major diameter and then heat each lobe red hot and dump in water. We mount our camshafts in a drill press (turn...
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    Is there something like lost wax?

    I have printed wax filament with my FDM printer with some success. It is a bit tricky but it works. There are lots of printable waxes for the DLP (liquid resin) printers. That is how some make waxes for casting dental bits and jewelry. Lost PLA also works but can be a bit of a problem
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    V twin Hoglet

    Drawings sent via email to Roman. Remember to please send us pictures of your finished Hoglets for inclusion in Reader's Engines. Mike Rehmus
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    My first engine, a Hoglet

    Send me a picture and I'll put it in Reader's Engines in the next issue. [email protected]
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    How do I model a supercharger rotor?

    I think the Gearotic software will model one for you.
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    In 1959, you could buy a P51 for $500 and the V-12 (still in the crate) for another $500 from a stockpile in Long Beach, CA. The Mustangs were standing firewall down and the engines in crates alongside a building.
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    Porsche 917 flat 12 engine

    Actually, throttle body injection is possible. Lee Root had a 4-banger running with injection way back at the PRIME shows. That engine is currently in the Sherline museum but they are respecting Lee's desire not to share his designs so the information is not available. Robert Washburn (Strictly...
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    O-ring for piston ring

    Here is the Tom Stuart article on O-Rings as found in Issue # 15 of Model Engine Builder magazine. He used them in his big model Fairbanks-Morse engine for 7 years with no problems. Please use this information for your use only and do not spread it around. I have been using O-Rings as piston...
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    email me at [email protected] and I'll send you his number, Gabe.
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    If you are interested in a supercharged V8 kit, I believe Dwight Giles has one last set of castings for the Black Widow V-8 to sell. Here is a link to a video of the first Black Widow by its codesigner, Ken Hurst: Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you Dwight's phone number. He...
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    Piston rings Trimble

    George Trimble, as you may know, was a mathematician working for one of the aerospace companies and who was working on anti-gravity when he died. In the 1960's he was loaned to NASA because their moon landing program was in serious trouble. He straightened them out and we, as you know, we got to...
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    Arduino RPM Application for Sieg Lathes and Mills

    Sometimes a Hall Effect sensor is a bad choice. A reed switch will handle the speeds associated with our mills and is essentially bulletproof. We use them instead of the hall sensors in low-speed model IC engine ignition systems.
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    Ignition system for Farm Boy

    Here is how I mounted my Sage ignition board in the bottom of my GEM-1 box. I triggered in with a reed switch mounted in a brass tube. The coil is a Ford Coil-over-Plug which works fine with 12 volts as in this setup down to approximatelye 6 volts with 4 AA batteries. 12 volt gel-cell is in...
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    Model Engine Builder Issue #39 is finished and available

    The magazine issue is ready for download but my ISP has been fouling up my e-mail account and I am limited to the number of e-mails I can send out until tomorrow. But if you send me an e-mail to [email protected], I will send you a link (assuming you are a subscriber :-). Sorry for the...
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    In-line check valve plans

    Another trick is to use very small tubing. The surface tension of the gasoline will prevent it from running back down the tube.
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    Black Widow V8

    Sorry, at 86, he does not use e-mail. Want to write to him? pm me.
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    Black Widow V8

    Call Dwight Giles and ask 707 648-1481
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    Black Widow V8

    BTW, Dwight Giles, one of the designers, has only one set of castings left. After that, no more.
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    Black Widow V8

    There have been about 20 Black Widow V-8's made and running. Ten by one fellow who was giving them away to friends. There are probably 4 or 5 built by members of the Bay Area Engine Modelers here in Northern California. One of the designers died but there is still one of the original...
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    Wanted - Issue #20 - Model Engine Builder

    Thanks for your very nice note, Mr. Metric. Scottyp, your magazine mailed today.